Scorpio Personality Traits: Everything you should know!

Scorpio Personality Traits: Everything you should know!


If you live and breathe, you will be drawn to the mysterious Scorpio. The more you learn, the more you want to know about their personalities. But what is it about them that makes them stand apart in a crowd? Well, they may not show it, but they are intensely passionate beings. If you have a Scorpio in your life, whether male or female, it doesn’t hurt for you to know them better than they know themselves. If not that, then at least know them enough to grow closer to your Scorpio. While we may never understand the people of this zodiac sign well enough, we can at least know all that astrologers have figured out. So, what's so special about Scorpios?

Ready to dive inside the heart and mind of a Scorpio? Here’s a profile on the Scorpio personality traits and everything you should know about their characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, behavior and love compatibility!

When is a Scorpio born?

The Scorpio zodiac sign season starts from 22nd October and ends on 23rd November. People born during this time are identified as Scorpios, for they show the characteristics represented by this zodiac sign in astrology. So, what are these characteristics we have been praising so much? Let’s take a look!

What element is Scorpio?

Scorpio belongs to the Water elemental group. But why is Scorpio a water sign? Scorpio is partly ruled by Mars, which might make it seem like they are a fire sign.

But their intuitive nature and deep emotional range put them in the water sign group. It is one thing that they are represented by an animal or rather a creature that thrives on land and in water: The Scorpion.

But it also takes the water sign trait of always planning ahead of time. Their instinctive nature allows them to be good at it too. They are an ocean of mystery and emotion.

They also have the characteristic tenacity of the water sign. Their "never say die" attitude is just a part of the personality that they derive from their element.

What are the key Scorpio traits and characteristics?

Scorpio strengths and weaknesses

What better way to understand someone than starting with their strengths and weaknesses? The strengths or positive qualities are easy because they are displayed very often. The weaknesses or negative qualities are more subtle. Knowing the former brings you closer to them. An understanding of the latter brings them closer to you. Let's start with your strengths.

The Scorpios are fiercely loyal to the ones they love. They will die before they betray a loved one. This is not to say that it might not happen accidentally. But a Scorpio man or woman will never betray you intentionally.

They are determined and hard-working. You will never hear the boss of a Scorpio employee complaining about their work ethic. When they want something or have a duty to fulfill, they will leave no stone unturned.

Scorpio women and men are extremely compassionate and empathetic. The only catch is that it is difficult for them to understand a situation they haven’t been in. But if they have been through your situation, they can sacrifice everything to comfort you.

They are extremely strong in the face of failure or disappointments. It takes a divine force to dampen a Scorpio’s optimism. They are not ones to easily give up. A Scorpio might get stomped on but will still fight so long as it has breath left.

But sometimes, their weaknesses get the best of them. What are Scorpio’s weaknesses?

The bad things about Scorpios include that they are easily hurt and easier to anger. You won’t even realize it and you would have hurt their feelings. They won’t admit it, but Scorpio females and males are extremely sensitive. Don’t let that hard-exterior fool you.

Because if you are fooled, then you will be subjected to their compulsive need to seek revenge. You do not hurt a Scorpio and live to tell the tale. They have a hard time letting go of a slight. They will make sure you pay for what you did to them. How are they able to do that?

It helps that they are manipulative and cunning. I’m yet to meet a Scorpio who didn’t know how to pull the strings of those around them. You wouldn’t even realize it and you will already be dancing to their tune.

Scorpio Intuition

Have you ever been under the gaze of a Scorpio? It feels like they are piercing through your very soul. This is because they are.

The people born under this zodiac have a cosmic instinct about people which is right 90% of the time. All they need is to observe someone for a little while. By the end of it, they can predict every one of their moves. And this extends to other things around them.

Scorpios are very strongly in touch with their environment. This allows them to perceive outcomes, even when they seem unclear.

They have an extremely fine judgement, which helps them in their careers and work life. This is the reason why they end up in a lot of positions of great responsibility. You will often see leaders, doctors, lawyers, and finance experts born under this zodiac sign. Which is just a testament of their superior instincts?

Can Scorpios be trusted?

People often wonder, how loyal are Scorpios? The answer is clear:

They are unbelievably faithful and trustworthy. The men and women born under the Scorpio zodiac sign value these qualities a lot. So, naturally, they display them in their behavior. But if a Scorpio ever broke your heart, you are probably thinking this is all bullshit. Well, allow me to explain why the Scorpio male or female betrayed your trust.

It isn’t easy for them to trust people. They are always waiting for the betrayal. To the extent that it will drive you crazy. Now, it is easier for people who are open and honest about everything. But if you are that unfortunate Taurus, who has a hard time sharing their feelings, the Scorpio will dump you faster than you can spell their name.

Do Scorpios fall in love easily?

When a Scorpio, male or female, says “I love you", they mean it. Want to know how I know that? It's because they don’t fall in love easily. There are so many walls you will have to tear down. So many tests you will have to pass before you get them to admit they love you.

They want to be sure that you are the right person. And only the right person will have the patience to wait for them. And trust me when they do, it will be worth it.

Why are Scorpio men and women so jealous and possessive?

When a Scorpio loves you, they give you their all. But this means that it comes with a price. Scorpios are incredibly jealous and possessive.

A lot of it has to do with their trust issues. It will take a long time for a Scorpio to start trusting anyone. Are Scorpios bad at relationships? Even then their insecurity will always keep them up at night. This brings us to the second reason.

They can be insecure. It will never be obvious how insecure the Scorpios can be. And that makes them act all jealous and possessive. It is second nature to them.

If they are jealous and possessive about you, it means they care about you. Because the Scorpio would never waste their emotions on anyone for whom they don't have feelings.

Why are Scorpios so secretive?

I know how frustrating it can be to be around the master of secrets, Scorpio. Maybe knowing why they are like that help you with dealing with this.

First of all, they don’t like wearing their life on their sleeves. They don’t believe in being questioned or having to explain things. Hence, they will only tell you so much. But they do share things with their loved ones.

So, maybe he or she just doesn’t trust you enough. If the Scorpios don’t feel like you have earned their trust, they will never share anything with you. But there’s a bigger problem at the heart of all this.

Keeping secrets is their defense mechanism. Scorpio’s emotional problems have a lot to do with this. Remember their insecurities that we talked about earlier? Well, one of the ways they protect themselves from getting betrayed is by keeping things to themselves. No matter how close you grow to them, you will never know a Scorpio fully well.

What are the different types of Scorpios?

If you got this far, you have probably started to wonder why not all the Scorpios you know show all these traits in their personality. The thing is that the traits of a Scorpio differ depending on their personality. What do I mean by that?

There are 3 different kinds of Scorpios. Depending on which date you were born on, you get classified into one of these types. Wonder which one you are with? Let’s find out!

rn2. 23rd October to 1st November: Scorpios born during this time are ruled by Pluto and Mars. These are the purest of Scorpios and have all the characteristics of this sun sign. They are strong, fierce, compassionate, possessive, vindictive, have high libidos and are incredibly driven. They are everything that their sun sign embodies. 4. 2nd November to 11th November: This is when the Scorpios start getting influenced by the Pisces. Neptune starts to transition into this zodiac and the influence of Pluto isn’t as strong. Therefore, these Scorpios show mixed traits. The fear of failure and betrayal grows in them. However, there is a strong sense of destiny and a thirst of wisdom in these Scorpios. Their magnetism is raw, unwavering, and seductive.

  1. 12th November - 22nd November: The Scorpios born during this last phase are influenced by Cancer and its ruling planet, Moon. They are more emotional than the rest of the lot. This also makes them more vulnerable than others. They are self-sacrificing and show the softer qualities of their zodiac more than the hard ones.

Who is Scorpio most compatible with?

With all the emotional trouble associated with this zodiac, you might wonder, who does Scorpio get along with? Who are Scorpios attracted to? Or what sign should Scorpio marry? Well, let’s dive into answering these questions.

Scorpios are the most compatible with Cancer, Pisces and other Scorpios. Much like all the other elemental groups, the three water signs are extremely compatible with one another. They understand each other's wants and needs. They can understand each other's emotions and desires. More importantly, they are sexually compatible.

Other than its water sign companions, Scorpio is also compatible with Taurus. But why are Scorpios so attracted to Taurus? Especially since they don't seem to be doing so well with other signs. For starters, they find the Scorpio jealousy to be flattering. They don't mind the possessiveness and revel in it. Taurus natives admire and appreciate the intensity that the Scorpios bring to their relationship. There is a magnetic attraction between them from the first meeting itself.

The signs that Scorpio is the least compatible with are Leo, Aquarius, Aries and Sagittarius. But that might leave one questioning, do Scorpio and Virgo get along? The answer is yes, Scorpio and Virgo are extremely compatible. Virgo is instantly caught up in the maze that this person is. They come closest to being equal in a relationship. But what the Scorpio loves most about Virgo, is that the former gets to take control of the relationship and the latter doesn't mind giving up the reins.


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