What is Scorpio's Ruling Planet and its Meaning in Astrology?

What is Scorpio's Ruling Planet and its Meaning in Astrology?


Astrology is so rich and complex, isn't it? All these bodies of rocks and gases and fire, that are millions of light years away from us, all impact who we are. It is amazing how the alignment of these heavenly bodies at the time of our birth, dictates at least 50% of who we become and how we behave. So, they all must have a personality of their own, right? Like what makes the Scorpio zodiac sign what it is? And what influences it to have the impact that it does? And astronomy, like every other science, is still developing. So, what was to happen to a zodiac if, let's say, its ruling planet was no longer a planet? That is the story of Scorpio's ruling planet. Want to know more about what planet is Scorpio associated with? About Scorpio energy and element? What God rules Scorpio?

Here is all you need to know about Scorpio's ruling planet and its meaning in astrology!

What is the ruling planet?

Let’s revisit our basics, shall we? Astrology, at the crux, is about understanding the interplay of cosmic energies. Basically, astrology tends to answer the following question: How the celestial bodies we are surrounded by affect us as individuals?

A ruling planet is a planet that impacts the nature of a zodiac sign. A zodiac sign is a constellation which is influenced by a planet from our solar system. So, essentially, the ruling planet is the mentor of the zodiac signs. It imbues the zodiac sign with characters and qualities which are then imprinted onto humans born under those astrological signs. Every zodiac sign is governed by a planet that dictates its most prominent features and personality traits. But what happens if your ruling planet is not even a planet anymore?

Is the Scorpio ruling planet Pluto or Mars?

Where did this dilemma begin anyway? This subject came to light back in 2006, when Pluto was declared a dwarf planet. But this shouldn’t really be a problem because we already have two zodiac signs that are ruled by bodies which are not planets: Cancer by the Moon, and Leo by the Sun. In fact, prior to Pluto being declared as a planet in 1930, Mars was considered to be the ruler of Scorpio. So, Mars should be allowed to reclaim its throne again, right? Well, it’s not that simple.

Every planet is assigned a zodiac sign over which it is supposed to have the most influence. In the beginning, when only 5 planets were known, each planet was given 2 zodiac signs over which they had dominance. In that order, Scorpio received Mars. But with the discovery of Neptune, Uranus and Pluto, this distribution had to be changed.

But it wasn’t easy making these changes as the existing rulers were influential to their zodiac signs, as is. To accommodate these changes, the concept of “night rulership” was evoked, which suggested that these new ruler planets were most influential on their signs during the day. While the previous rulers were influential during the night. However, the day rulers were the dominant rulers, despite the time of day. Which means that between Pluto and Mars, Pluto is the dominant ruler of Scorpio. While Mars has some influence over Scorpio, it isn’t the dominant one.

Another theory suggests that 2 more planets await discovery which will break the dual rulership of Venus and Mercury. If this development does happen, that would further solidify the “co-rulership” or the “night rulership” philosophy.

What is Scorpio energy?

What is all this ruling planet hassle about? The influence of the ruling planet isn't limited to the personality of people born under a specific zodiac sign.

Ruling planets exert strong energy in the zodiac sign's designated season. For Scorpios, it is the period between October 23rd and November 22nd . Scorpio energy is essentially the energy exerted by the zodiac signs. It is most pronounced during their season.

Pluto in Scorpio zodiac sign is the Lord of the Underworld. Which is why a dark influence is associated with the Scorpio season. And the fact that Halloween happens in this season doesn’t help. But Pluto isn’t just the God of the Underworld. It also represents new beginnings and journeys. Which means that this intense time can also mean a time for changes. A time to take on new challenges.

Mars, the night ruler of Scorpio, is the God of War. And war isn't just associated with death and destruction, but also with bravery and strong resolves. So, Scorpio energy is the energy of intense challenges and pressure. But it is under great pressure that a lump of coal can turn into a diamond. Use that Scorpio energy and shine brighter.

Scorpio Planet and Element

Now that we know what the Scorpio’s ruling planet is, let’s look into another factor that makes it what it is.

The elements of the zodiac signs are the bonds between them. It is the influence that makes them similar to one another. There are four basic elements that the 12 zodiac signs are divided into. Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

Scorpio is a Water sign. Believed to be the most enduring element because of its continuity in the face of adversity of all kind. It represents the characteristics of compassion, intuition, purification and mystery. Water is the most essential element to sustain life. And so, birth and fertility are two traits often associated with the same.

In the zodiac signs associated with it, Water imbues the emotions and feelings, necessary to support life. But one cannot overlook Water’s ability to destroy life in its wrath. Which can be seen in the less often, but severe rage in the zodiac signs of this element. But paired with the right atmosphere, and the Water element ensures harmony and prosperity.


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