10 Signs a Pisces Man is Not Into You

10 Signs a Pisces Man is Not Into You


Pisces men are kind, sweet and sensitive in love. They will look for a stable and dependable partner to settle with in the long run. How do you know if a Pisces man is not in love with you? Why is a Pisces man ignoring you or pushing you away? What are the signs that a Pisces man has no interest in the relationship or wants to break up with you?

If you feel he is slowly moving away from you, here are 10 signs that will tell you if a Pisces man is not into you or over you:

1. He is self-centered

The Pisces man is a giver. He likes to pour her heart out in love. He wants to ensure that everyone around him is happy and content. If he is miffed at you, he may seem quite selfish. He'll act stubborn and expect you to follow his lead. The Pisces male is generally taken for granted for his selflessness. So, if he has given up on you, is it likely that he would project his dark side on you and behave in a conceited manner.

2. He maintains a distance or disappears

If you observe your Pisces man making excuses to be away from you, he does not wish to confront you. He may even ghost you unexpectedly. He is tired of pursuing you because he does not feel respected or loved for his efforts. He doesn't plan dates or looks for reasons to keep himself busy. These are strong signs that a Pisces man is done with you. He does not believe in the value of the relationships and therefore, leaves you out in the cold.

3. He is mean

When the Pisces man is rude and does not care about your emotions any longer, he is over you. He is confident of parting ways with you because he cannot connect with you on a deeper level. For the Pisces man, love is unconditional. But when he feels neglected, he would not hesitate to be mean and tell you about his decision to leave you. He is not quite the patient person that exists so if he loses his temper or is hurt intentionally or unintentionally, it could be a sudden outburst where he does not spare you the harsh truth.

4. Sexual chemistry is difficult

The Pisces man is sensual and very romantic around the woman he loves. He wants to please his ideal lover and give her an orgasmic experience every single time. He is a passionate mate between the sheets. So, when you sense the attraction missing, he is not really drawn towards you. He won't be desperate to touch you or kiss you. Pisces men are generally shy initially but you shouldn't mistake this withdrawal for that. He'll be really cold and not interested in arousing you at all.

5. Dating other potential partners

The men born under the Pisces Zodiac sign have a short attention span. They could turn away their attention towards other people who excite them. If the Pisces men lie or have been going around your back chasing other women, they are surely bored with you. He does not find you good enough to devote his time and energy towards. So, he is checking out potential partners so that he lands up with someone who truly understands him or is more compatible with.

6. He Is unresponsive to your romantic gestures

If you have been making some efforts at making the Pisces man take note of you or spend some quality time with you but he has ignored you completely, he is probably looking for an exit. He is hopeless about the relationship reaching the next level where he could walk down the aisle with you. He does not miss you or show you that he needs you. So, if he turns a blind eye towards your sweet, loving gestures and gives you a silent treatment so that you don't have to face his anger or be in his direct line of fire.

7. Pisces man is depressed and unhappy

When the Pisces man does not trust you anymore, he gets scared of being vulnerable around you. He gets into a self-destructive mode and withdraws from all other activities that previously gave him joy. He does not seem to be in his regular joyful element at all. He has been affected on a deeper level and there is something that he cannot come to terms with just as yet. This is why he is pushing you away.

8. Future plans are unsteady

When the Pisces man never speaks about building a home with you, he is not sure about living his whole life with you. He is seriously not into you and that is why he diverts himself whenever you speak of the future plans. He'll either tell you that he does not believe in the institution of marriage or that he has not given it a serious thought. He basically does not picture a lifetime with you and therefore, his actions look unstable and undependable.

9. Never appreciates or supports you

As a Jupiter ruled sign, Pisces men are usually quite nurturing and helpful. They'll guide you in the right path and help you deal with difficult circumstances. This support is quite evident with the Pisces man especially when he is in love. He fears being attacked for being naive. He hates being misconstrued as weak. If you treat him badly and fail to acknowledge his knowledge, he will lose his cool and get away from you. He couldn't be less bothered about your needs and expectations.

10. Never adjusts or makes compromise

Water signs like the Pisces Zodiac sign are quite adaptable. They'll blend into the most challenging environment. In a relationship, they could be carefree and independent despite the sincerity of commitment. When the Pisces guy is not interested in you anymore or wishes to breakup with you, he'll be hellbent on following his own wishes. He'll do whatever he pleases and never be answerable to you. He follows his heart and wherever that leads him, he'll flow. So, when generosity goes out the window, your Pisces man does not feel for you anymore.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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