10 Signs a Sagittarius Man Secretly Likes You!

10 Signs a Sagittarius Man Secretly Likes You!


That mysterious Sagittarius man, whose mind always seems to be in the clouds. This man who is looking at a world quite different from the one we are in, even though we are breathing the same air? That Sagittarius male who no rule or person can hold down? Is that the man you fell in love with? You must love adventures then. But how do you know if your Sagittarius man likes you? Isn't he the kind of man who only loves those who are able to go at the same speed as him? So you need a head start?

Let me reveal some secrets about the personality and behavior of the Sagittarius man when he is in love. Here are the 10 signs a Sagittarius man has a crush on you and feelings for you!

1. He’s Himself When You are Around

The Sagittarius men are not known to put on a façade to impress people. But they do tend to keep to themselves when they are around people who don’t understand them. When it comes to the woman, they have a crush on, they want you to know the real him. So, he will always be open and honest about who he is and what he wants. He will not make excuses or tell lies to you. You will know that he treats you differently. Especially when you compare how he is when the two of you are alone and when you are in a company or people, he doesn’t particularly trust.

2. He’ll Be Blunt and Honest with You

The Sagittarius guy isn't big on opening up and sharing secrets from his deep past. But he does believe in honesty is the foundation of a strong relationship. He also understands that not a lot of people appreciate this honesty. But he is trying to build a relationship with you, so, he will be very blunt and honest about everything. Not only will he be honest about how he feels about people and situations. He'll even deliver his criticism of you to you directly. He will even be honest about his own short-comings and dark secrets.

3. He will often observe you

When a Sagittarius male wants to know you, he doesn’t do so by asking questions. Sure, there will be some inquiries here and there. But they will all be of a casual nature. Everything else will be observational. He will always be observing you. Sometimes you will feel his piercing gaze going through you like X-Rays. He doesn’t do this often, so, he surely must be interested in you. But don’t let this worry you at all. Just be yourself because he will sense pretence instantly.

4. He’s Willing to Compromise His Freedom for You

If there’s one thing Astrology tells us about this zodiac sign, it’s that they are a free spirit. No one can cage the Sagittarius guy. Those who try get kicked in the face as he gallops over them. But has he offered to pick you up from the airport? Or spend his day off at home, with you? Well, you must be one special lady for him to give up his freedom like that for you. But make sure that all of this is voluntary. If you demand or so much as a request that he does these things for you, that will count against you. it's ok when he chooses to compromise his freedom. But not when he is forced or expected to do it.

5. He Shares His Life and Adventures with You

Sagittarius men are very private about what they do with their lives. You will seldom see him make plans that depend on the participation of others. Most of the times, he would be off on his own to his next great adventure. But not when he is falling in love. That’s when he wants the woman he has a crush on to accompany him. He will always tell you about his plans and ask you if you would like to come along. You will get an exclusive view of life from the perspective of a Sagittarius man’s heart and mind. Just be sure that you can keep up with him. Or he might leave you behind.

6. He Engages in Deep Intellectual Conversations with Her

A Sagittarius male can never fall in love with a woman who he doesn't consider his intellectual equal. And he knows that not everyone around him is worth having a smart conversation with. But does he engage you in philosophical conversations about the meaning of life? Does he seek your views on serious matters? Or about politics? Or anything that stimulates his mind and yours. This is one of the ways to know a Sagittarius likes you. He will always appreciate your intellect and make you feel proud of your smartness.

7. He Asks for Your Advice

If he trusts your intellect he will trust in your advice. Now the Fire Signs rarely ask for anyone’s advice. They trust in their instinct and are sure that no one can make a better decision for them. So, when he asks for your advice it is an honour indeed. This might not be in major decisions of his life. But he’ll ask for your opinion on what to do next. Or where the two of you should go. Whether he should go to this organisation he’s trying to shift to or not? Tell him your true advice because that too tell him a lot about who you are.

8. He’ll Stay Connected with You

If you share the same set of friends, you know he isn't big on texting or calling. But with you, he has no problem staying in touch. When it comes to the woman he wants, he can keep talking all day long. He'll respond to all your texts. And if he's really falling in love he might even call. He will initiate conversations with you. I mean, imagine a man who doesn't care about talking to anyone, using his free time to talk to you. And not just once in a blue moon. But on a regular basis. So, don't ignore him if you are interested in him too. Or else, he'll feel like it's only one-sided and back down.

9. He flirts often and wants to seduce you

What fire sign man doesn't flirt with the woman he has a crush on? None! But while Aries and Leo's men are serial flirts, the Sagittarius man seems more reserve in comparison. "In comparison" is the key phrase here. But all your conversations with the Sagittarius male are not about world issues. He does flirt a lot and hints at his attraction towards you. It could be in the form of showering you with compliments. Or a casual confession of how he feels about you. Anyway, he knows how to make a woman feel special and you will have a ball flirting with this man.

10. A Sagittarius man in love will want to commit

It's a very rare thing but it happens: If a Sagittarius man wants to marry you, it means that he really really loves you! However, a Sagittarius man may want to commit without going that far. Then you can use a few tricks to push him a bit. In any case, you will notive in his behavious and his conversations that he's getting more serious and involved in the relationship. He will start talking about love, relationships and the future.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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