How Does a Taurus Man Express Love?

How Does a Taurus Man Express Love?


The Taurus man values security and physical affection in his perfectly compatible match. Unlike the other Venus lorded sign of Libra, he is subdued and steady in his expression of love for someone he adores and wants to make a part of his life. So, how do you know if a Taurus man loves you or has a crush on you? How does the Taurus man express love and show his feelings? What does he expect from a woman? How does he behave when he is falling for someone?

Here are a few ways in which the Taurus man will show his interest when he secretly has feelings for someone:

How does the Taurus man act when he is in love?

When the Taurus man is in love, all he can think of is you. He would make silly excuses to meet you or pick a conversation with you whenever he can. The Taurus man will treat his woman with immense respect and love. That's his foundation and he would ensure that it is a solid ground on which he aspires to build his relationship.

Stability and security are vital for the Taurus man. He'll strive to make your life peaceful and help you swim through your personal challenges in life. He will be consistent in his generosity and responsibilities towards you because as an earth sign, the Taurus native is extremely dependable.

If he thinks of you as someone more than just a friend, he'll happily spend on you. He will shower you with the luxuries that he can afford. The Taurus man is fond of rich and exclusive experiences. So, when he takes you out to exotic places and flaunts you out to the world without a doubt, he wants to take the relationship to the next level.

He is gentle with you and will take cues from your responses to understand what you like. Then he can provide with the highest level of comfort wherever you go with him. In the bedroom, he is soft and sensual. He'll touch you with passion and his desire for you will be evident in the way he draws you close and builds chemistry.

How does a Taurus man test a woman?

The Taurus man needs to feel secure in love. He is in need of someone who is loyal and passionate about him (Taurus is one of the most loyal Zodiac signs). So, he may put a potential mate through tests to strengthen his belief in her. He hates handling chaos and therefore he may put his suitors to all possible tests to judge her worthiness. He is self-assured and knows the security that he would bring into the life of his partner.

He needs a strong woman. A woman who is in charge of her life and can provide him with the support to grow in life. He needs a long-term commitment. So, any fake behavior will be hard for him to tolerate and live with.

He may put her through a tricky situation to judge and analyze his opinions and whether they match his overall outlook towards life. While he may naturally suffer from insecurities, he would need concrete or tangible proof that the woman he likes will stay true to him and won't deceive or lie to him.He hates indecisiveness. So, he'll closely observe how you handle pressure or if you frequently change your opinions.

He could also introduce you to his family and friends and he values them the most. Amidst them, he would like to notice how you take care of his people or connect with them.

If you are rude and insensitive about matters that involve them, it might be a red signal for him. Since, he'll cautiously move ahead before he finally makes a proposal, he'll judge you and give you plenty of chances to showcase your strengths and also your weaknesses.

What does it mean when a Taurus man kisses you?

The Taurus man is extremely sensual. He is a diehard romantic. Physical pleasures are important for him to build a deeper bond with his partner. When the Taurus man kisses you, it's just the beginning of his expression of attraction towards you. Call it a prelude to the real madness.

Built with a good stamina, the Taurus male loves sex. However, Taurus are too shy to explicitly tell you how much they crave to make love to you. With a kiss, your Taurus guy may be hinting at his desires and needs and would wait for a green flag from your end to be sure of your consent.

How does he flirt with the woman he likes?

The Taurus man is quite touchy when he likes someone. While he is not much of a communicator, he'll make it clear with his body language that he feels a strong attraction towards you.

He teases you over texts. The Taurus man may prefer expressing his interest in you through messages or calls. In case he really is into you, the Taurus man may try to seduce you over texts.

He'll try to capture your attention with jokes and cute compliments. The man born under the Taurus Zodiac sign is well mannered so don't expect him to go overboard with his flirting unless he is crushing over you and he knows that you like him back.

It is also probable that the Taurus man would take you out to expensive restaurants. He loves food and a way to his heart is through good food. With a refined taste, he likes exquisite things. So, you may notice him inviting you for lunch or dinner as an excuse to know you better.

He is extremely sweet with the woman he has a crush on. He smiles more and makes more eye contact. The Taurus man is kind and nice to all in general. Unless he is provoked, he'll treat you with respect. When he is falling for you, he'll shower you with his warmth and gentleness.

He is appreciative of the woman he has feelings for. He compliments your personality or something very particular about your style. He has an eye for beauty. So, while a shy nature initially may hold him back from openly flirting with you, with time he'll start admiring your physical features too.

How does the Taurus man fall in love?

The Taurus man is slow to fall in love. That's because he likes to be cautious with his choices in relationships. He is quite a practical and logical personality who takes calculated risks in his personal life.

Taurus men need to feel absolutely sure of what their partner is like. This is especially true when they think of settling down. He is not hasty and will take a variety of factors into consideration when looking for their ideal match.

When the Taurus man falls in love, he'll be totally smitten by his partner. He'll become too engrossed in his love life and devote himself to his partner. He is a responsible and dependable man and this gets further strengthened towards his lover when he has plans to build a future with her.


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