10 Things a Taurus man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman

10 Things a Taurus man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman


Taurus men take time to fall in love and tend to have an accurate sense of what they expect in a relationship. What are Taurus men's biggest turn-offs? What impresses a Taurus man? What does a Taurus man likes and dislikes in a woman? What does he look for? What does he want in a relationship?

If you are wondering what makes a woman attractive or not to a Taurus man, here's what astrology reveals us about him:

1. A Taurus man likes stability

The men born under the Taurus Zodiac sign are pretty much stable and dedicated in life. They are also rigid and stubborn, which is part of their bad traits. It's hard for them to fall in love but when they do, they are serious in relationships. They like a woman who stands firm and true to her words. He likes trusting and depending on someone who can be there for him. So, when a woman can win his heart and give him the life he dreams with her, he will be elated. He will shower her with everything he has if she can offer him her love and stick with him through thick and thin.

2. A Taurus man loves being spoiled

A Taurus man wants to feel like he is everything for the women he so desires. He wants to be spoiled and pampered in his relationship. He wants the women to make him feel special and cook great food for him. The Taurus man is also fond of the finer things in love. So, when he is interested in you, he would expect to be taken great care of. He wants to mean the most to the woman he has eyes for. So, if he is serious in the relationship, it would be expected that his partner makes him a priority and keep him materially happy too.

3. A Taurus man likes good sexual chemistry

For a Taurus male, everything is earthy. He lives trapped in the material world. So, he needs to feel the emotions and physical touch. To attract a Taurus man, he needs to feel desired in the romantic connection. He wants to have a deep intimate bond with his partner where he can explore a sizzling sexual life. Sex is important for the Taurus man. Unless he is happy sexually, it's hard for him to be truly satisfied in the relationship.

4. A Taurus man admires women who are loyal

Loyalty is everything for this man. He wants to live a future with someone he can blindly trust. The Taurus man looks for a woman who is dedicated and devoted to him and wants to settle down with him. Though the Taurus man is capable of having casual relationships, that only happens when he hasn't found "the one" for himself. Once he does, he would expect her to have eyes only for him. He loves a woman who can be with him even when things get rough. It is only when he has tested her love, he would commit to her.

5. A Taurus man is into graceful women

A Taurus man has an eye for beauty. He has quite particular tastes in women and he likes him to be graceful, charming and sweet. Taurus men can come across as quiet and detached so he would be on the lookout for someone who can communicate her heart and express her feelings for him. He wants his partner to be classy and hold her dignity. He wants to fall for someone who is groomed and can be physically attractive as well. He wants a slow seductress, someone who can lure him with tact and charm, all in a nice way to build chemistry.

6. A Taurus man dislikes deceitful women

A Taurus man has the least tolerance for women who do not have a distinct character to admire. They can be put off easily by a woman who keeps secrets and refuses to be vulnerable with him. He dislikes being blinded or lied to. He wants a transparent relationship, one where he can depend and lean on the woman he has the hots for. So, if a woman tries to pull the wool over his eyes, he may not be too forgiving. The Taurus man wants someone truthful and honest to spend the rest of his life with.

7. A Taurus man hates women without a vision

It's important for a Taurus man to be with a woman who has some worth. Though he goes weak for good-looking women, he would also want to check the substance they are made of. In short, they do care about how smart a woman is. A dumb or dull women with no vision or dream can come across as extremely boring and unimpressive to the Taurus man. When a Taurus man is in love, he wants to settle down with her. He has long term plans with her. He won't waste time with someone who doesn't know growth or contribute to his.

8. A Taurus man dislikes being controlled

A Taurus man is kind, gentle but stubborn. They like to organize their life and dislike sudden upheavals. They hate being told what to do for they have a certain view of life. Once dealt with compassion and love, the Taurus man is invested. However, if the Taurus guy is dominated and treated to less than what he is, he may not like that. He would rebel if his patience was tested by someone who doesn't value him. He wants to make his own decisions and be at the top of his game. So, trying to make him a puppet doesn't work in the long run with the man born under the Taurus Zodiac sign.

9. A Taurus man can't tolerate being taken for granted

A Taurus male has deep emotions. They care a lot about their family. Once they call you family, the Taurus man would travel great lengths to make you happy. He cannot feel second to anyone in the life of a woman he wants to pursue. He is committed to long-term relationships and being taken for granted is something a Taurus man would never be fine with. So, if he feels devalued or neglected in love, he would not handle that well. Chances are the Taurus man would soon lose interest.

10. A Taurus man detests a bad attitude

A Taurus woman needs someone passionate and loving. He wants to be floored by the charm and compassion a woman exudes but he hates dealing with someone who lacks good taste or someone who needs to be schooled to behave well. He likes dignified women who hold their head high and have a life purpose. A bad or negative attitude kills their vibe. So, a Taurus guy would maintain some distance from women who don't communicate well or spread bad vibes. He wants fun and basks in luxury but doesn't like someone who is bad company.


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