How to know when a Taurus woman is done with you? 10 Signs

How to know when a Taurus woman is done with you? 10 Signs


Taurus women will struggle to give up on a relationship quickly. The Taurus female hates disruption in her regular routine and if she was involved with you for a longer period of time, she'll either break down or channel her anger towards something creative and empowering. How do Taurus deal with breakups? Do Taurus move on quickly? How does a Taurus woman act when hurt? What are the signs she has lost interest?

Here are 10 surefire signs to know if a Taurus woman is done with you.

1. She does not converse with you

When a Taurus woman is heartbroken, she would lose out on the interest to communicate romantically with you. She is extremely patient even when hurt but if she starts cutting off all communication channels of staying in touch with you, you should know that she is done with you. Love to her cannot be a casual affair and once invested in someone, she would be a fiercely dedicated lover. So, when the Taurus lady appears unresponsive or non-committal, she has been angered beyond her threshold of tolerance. She’ll give you a cold shoulder and act like you don’t matter to her.

2. A Taurus woman who has fallen out of love is not jealous anymore

Taurus women are generally possessive in love. They cannot see their partners being attentive to the opposite sex. They want to guard their love life as if their survival depends on it. They value the traditional norms and would never deviate to a position which makes them question their faith and belief system. If the Taurus woman behaves as if your involvement or interest in other women is meaningless to her and she gives you a free pass to conduct your life as you please, she is definitely indifferent towards you.

3. She is passive aggressive

Only when the Taurus woman feels betrayed she will take drastic measures to undo the wrong done to her. She’ll express no concern about anything that matters to you. Basically, she’ll desperately try to manage her anger while she gives you a silent treatment just to avoid confrontations. When the Taurus woman is hurt, upset, angry or mad, she will be hard to pacify. She would not want to break down in front of you lest might you might perceive her as weak. Rather than having things move in an intended direction and displaying outright hostility, she’ll maintain her dignity and resist your advances.

4. They don’t spoil you with gifts

The women born under the Taurus Zodiac sign are generous lovers. They’ll take you out to the most exotic locations for dinners and present you with expensive things. They have an eye for luxury and love spoiling their partners with surprises. They want the best that money can buy and if they are capable of buying you the entire store, they wouldn't hesitate to do so if that makes their lover happy. When you observe your Taurus woman acting way different from how she usually made you feel special in the material sense, her priorities may have shifted. You are no longer her most prized possession.

5. If she does not support you, it's a clear sign she has lost interest

Highly caring and motivating to their partners, Taurus females are resilient even in the face of the most difficult challenges life throws at them. They will be your partner in crime and support you through the thick and thin. Hard working and extremely resourceful, Taurus women are prepared for the worst and will fight to the finish to make their dreams come true. They want a stable life with their partners and build an empire with them. If you fall in trouble and she seems to be of no help whatsoever, she does not picture you as part of her life.

6. She is not interested in your life

As a traditionally bent personality, earthy Taureans are heavily involved in their love life, often reputed to be extra controlling of their partners. They’ll expect some conformity and would show their reservations when their partners act indecisively with no conclusiveness. Once she starts keeping you at a distance and pays no attention to your needs, she has given up on you. She’ll seem aloof or disinterested in utter disgust.

7. She doesn't trust you at all

Taurus women value commitment and firm loyalty from their partners. If she is disconnected from you, she has grown suspicious of your activities. She senses something fishy and in an effort to let things go, she’ll react in a mistrusting manner. Negative emotions will consume her and she would never be convinced of what you say or do. She would never want to tarnish her image being in the company of someone who does not value her or fails to understand her expectations from a relationship.

8. She stops having sex with you

Sex is an art to a Taurus woman. She’ll express her emotions during sex. She believes in the power of touch and in the satisfaction of her carnal desires with someone who reciprocates her feelings. If making love with a Taurus woman has become a thing of the past, there is some discord in your relationship with her. She will express no interest in being close to you and take no initiative to respond to your sexual moves.

9. She does not wish to meet you publicly

Taurus women make informed decisions when choosing a mate for themselves. They are confident of the person they fall in love with as being in love is an important life decision for these natives. They do not wear their heart on their sleeves so when they dare to be seen in public, they hold you in high regards. She is no longer interested in you when meeting you becomes a casual errand. If she does not seem excited to see you or prescribes meeting you secretly, you are not a significant part of her life.

10. She will be depressed for sometime

Though the Taurus woman is capable of making stern choices once she is over someone, she does go through immense pain and regrets trusting anyone with her heart. If she is generally cheerful, joyous and content but shows lack of happiness out of the blue, she is affected by her partner’s misconduct. She may show signs of depression and withdraw from people just to deal with the hurt that her partner has caused to her. It is difficult for her to cut off her attachment abruptly. So, it's the initial sign of her exit from your life if she displays dullness and a lack of eagerness to have you around.


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