The 5 Zodiac Signs that are the Best Virgo Soulmate

The 5 Zodiac Signs that are the Best Virgo Soulmate


Being a reliable and dependable sign, Virgo usually makes everlasting love relationships with earth and water signs. What is the best match for a Virgo man or woman? Who should a Virgo marry according to astrology? Who is sexually and emotionally compatible with Virgo natives? Who do Virgos attract and to which signs do Virgos get attached easily?

Here are 5 zodiac signs that share a high astrological compatibility score with a Virgo male or female:

Virgo and Pisces

Virgo and Pisces make a beautiful couple. As two graceful and compassionate individuals, they bring out the best in each other. There happens to be a seamless understanding of each other's space which makes them keep coming back for more. They experience a magnetic pull as they occupy the opposite poles of the zodiac wheel. The dreamy Pisces is a hopeless romantic and spills over her affection unconditionally to the Virgo native.

The Virgo man or woman is stable, resourceful and equally generous and responsible which a Pisces likes in an ideal mate. The earth sign of Virgo is a source of great support and dependability for the Pisces who needs to trust and feel secure. Similarly, the Pisces native is caring and helps the Virgo lover get in tune with their emotions. While a Pisces is imaginative and dwells in fantasies, Virgo brings in the reality check with their practical nature. There is an unquestionable acceptance of each other's strengths and weaknesses that makes this couple a good match.

Virgo and Capricorn

As both these signs have an earthy nature, they value all things tangible. They are highly ambitious and have a penchant for work. Goal oriented and resource hungry, they mutually believe that work is worship. Often, all work and no play is what truly defines these signs. Highly intelligent and focused, they have skyrocketing goals and dreams and in a relationship all their efforts are directed towards making it big in life. Capricorn and Virgos are hardworking and tenacious. This enables them to conduct themselves with dignity and grace in their personal relationships too.

They take their love life seriously and would rarely fool around or have a casual approach towards it. They are patient and stable, seldom dropping bombs on each other with unpredictable decisions. In fact, this is a couple that has the potential to get married to each other and stay together the longest if not forever. A high sense of maturity and discipline makes them very responsible and dedicated lovers making them an inspiring power couple.

Virgo and Cancer

Cancer is a caring and protective sign. They are nurturers who place great importance to their family life. Just like the men and women born under the Cancer Zodiac sign, Virgo men and women are sincere and devoted lovers. While Virgo becomes the go-getter and planner in the relationship, the Cancer native makes the house a home. The aura of a gentle and calm Cancer comforts the usually flustered Virgo. The highlight of this relationship is an incredible friendship that grows stronger with time. they offer each other the space to grow and form a healthy relationship, built to last an eternity. Virgos are empathetic and so are Cancerians who are sensitive to the tee.

Cancer finds in Virgo a dependable mate who safeguards the trust and loyalty they display. With a remarkably patient nature, the Virgo man or woman can easily manage the moodiness of a Cancer native as they are able to value the selfless nature of the latter. While it takes a lot of effort for the Cancer to build a relationship where they open up without inhibitions, the Virgo native comes to the rescue of the Cancer native and offers a love that is deeply engaging, passionate and kind.

Virgo and Taurus

Taurus and Virgo share a charming connection. The impeccable mannerisms and eye for details of the Virgo attracts the Taurus native right at the beginning. Virgo is usually drawn towards the Taurus natives hard work, perseverance and eye for the finer things in life. Both share a common love for luxury and exclusivity. A perfect homebody Taurus brings great stability and order in the life of the Virgo partner. This action oriented duo can make significant achievements in their professional lives especially when they get into a relationship as they support and take great interest in the growth of each other.

Taurus spoils the Virgo lover with luxurious gifts and eases them out with romantic getaway and fun activities. Virgos are thoughtful and devoted towards Taurus, which cements their bond and amplifies the romance. Sex life is deeply passionate as Virgo brings in the variety with their attention to techniques and positions while Taurus surprises the Virgo with an insatiable appetite, lasting sexual performance and admiration for the aesthetics of the Virgo partner.

Virgo and Scorpio

The Virgo woman has a curious personality. Virgo and Scorpio are mysteriously drawn to each other. At the very beginning, the Scorpio man will intrigue her because of his mysterious nature. The Scorpio man's charisma and intensity is so evident in his mannerisms and communication, that she will find herself drawn towards him hypnotically. What makes a Scorpio man stand out for the Virgo woman is his exclusivity. He reserves himself for a deserving woman while he is hyper aware of the attention he garners wherever he goes.

As an earth sign who values substance and dependability, the Virgo woman finds this characteristic trait of the Scorpio man worthy of obsessing over. The Virgo woman falls for honest men. There brews a passionate chemistry between the Scorpio male and a Virgo female as they discover each other slowly and build trust to let their love blossom. While the sexual tension could be overwhelming for the Virgo woman who is yet to adapt to her wild Scorpio man, this is a relationship that's built to last.


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