How to know when a Virgo woman is done with you? 10 Signs

How to know when a Virgo woman is done with you? 10 Signs


When the Virgo woman ignores you or pushes you away, she is seeking closure. She is usually underestimated for her naivety but when she loses her cool, she is difficult to pacify. Is your Virgo woman going cold and getting distant? What are the signs she has lost interest? How does she behave when she falls out of love? How to know if a Virgo woman is done with you and wants to break up?

Here are 10 real signs the Virgo woman is not interested in your anymore and wants to part ways with you:

1. Communication comes to a halt

When a Virgo woman is scornful, she will stop talking to you.

You may try and communicate with her on all platforms but she would act cold and cut you off. Even though the Virgo female is communicative, she does not over exert herself and likes to speak in a logical fashion.

However, when she is disappointed in you, she'll prefer not disturbing her peace as she has other responsibilities that she is inclined towards as those are her priorities over you.

Rules in relationships are mighty clear with the Virgo woman and she won't budge to accommodate your casual behavior.

2. She starts judging you

The Virgo woman is known for her observational skills and her capabilities of picking out the minute details in anything she does. In love too, the Virgo woman will be a keen observer of all that you do.

If she has been feeling insecure in the relationship, rest assured she has already dug up the details and would repeatedly tell you about the things you do incorrectly and if you don't really meet her high standards.

As a perfectionist, she needs everything in order. Otherwise, a Virgo woman hurt will drive out people from her life.

3. She acts in a stubborn manner

She is quite strict and expects conformity from her partner, While the Virgo woman can be cool and composed, she is quite practical.

When you hurt her or play with her emotions, she'll be further rigid and express her intolerance to your dishonest conduct. It would be difficult to make her calm down and show any romantic gestures.

She will even hold herself back from physical intimacy refusing to accept your side of the story unless she is convinced that there is sufficient merit in it.

4. She gives you the silent treatment

The woman born under the Virgo Zodiac sign is very sensitive when it comes to relationships.

Initially she will keep herself guarded refusing to make herself vulnerable around someone even if she has hidden feelings towards him. When she senses being taken advantage of, she would hate confronting you aggressively.

She dislikes change and hence, making the tough choices but when her dreams are crushed or she is being used, she'll give up on the idea of a long-term relationship and withdraw further emotionally.

5. She mistrusts you

Her analytical mind will start scrutinizing and questioning all your motives if she gets suspicious of your ultimate expectations from the relationship. She does not trust hasty and indecisive individuals.

It is difficult to satisfy the Virgo woman's curiosity. When she is dedicated to her relationship, she would stand firm with her partner and support him in all his endeavors.

If the Virgo woman wants to break up with you, she'll start calculating all your moves and expect you to be answerable for all you do.

6. She will struggle to forgive you

The Virgo woman takes love affairs seriously. She has no time to waste on futile commitments that do not come with the promise of a lifetime. She would rather take it slow than make blunders in love.

When the Virgo woman is done with you and wishes to cut off all ties with you, she'll be unforgiving.

While she may not make a blunt display of her anger, she will hold grudges for the longest time when she realizes that you took advantage of her emotions and failed her.

7. If she seeks repeated explanations, it's a sign your Virgo woman is not into you anymore

Blessed with a strong memory, this mercurial woman will have the painful events with you play repeatedly on her mind. She would hate to accept the fact that she was fooled in love.

She finds it weakening letting go of control and when she feels defenseless because of a bad relationship, she'll need concrete answers to satisfy her unlimited queries. She'll struggle connecting the dots and making any sense of why her partner left her out in the cold.

8. She keeps herself overly occupied

It is draining to get a Virgo woman back and keep her hooked once she has lost the drive to make you happy.

She could be a workaholic as she likes to immerse herself in the service of others.

When a Virgo woman loses her cool, she would try and keep herself extra-occupied as she would struggle to make sense of the emotional upheaval that she undergoes when he partner upsets her.

9. She expresses no interest to see you or meet you

Virgos like to keep their problems to themselves.

When a Virgo female feels detached from you, she would not seem as excited to see you as she was when she fell in love with you.

They will be confused how to respond to your questions or even share what caused them to be turned off. Such mess overwhelms them and they would keep such disorganized affairs away from the public eye and keep matters as low-key as possible. This could cause a no show from their end without an explanation.

10. She is rude to you

Virgo women are very elegant. Rarely would you find this woman cursing someone. She is cautious of her image and unless you have really pissed her off, she would maintain her dignity in all respects.

So any harshness directed at you by the Virgo woman means that she is really saddened by some event or a callous behavior from your side.


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