Why are Libras so Difficult?

Why are Libras so Difficult?


Libras often appear indecisive and detached and have a distorted sense of themselves which is quite confusing. Is the Libra individual in your life acting crazy or difficult to handle? What is the Libra man's weakness? What makes Libras so hated or disliked?

Here are a few things you need to know about the Libra native that explain why they are so difficult and complicated, so irritating and frustrating sometimes:

Libras get hurt easily

Libras have a short attention span. They focus a lot of their time and energy on someone who is special to them. When they get hurt, they could instantly turn away their attention to someone or something else in order to escape from the pain. While they could act tough on the outside and conceal their feelings. They crave appreciation and when that's missing, they'll be affected. They hate to show any extremities of behavior because they strive for balance in all walks of life. So, even if a difficult situation pulls them down, they'll leave and grieve in isolation.

Libras are so intense and angry

It irritates Libras to feel mistrusted or paid no attention to. They own the place where they go. They hate to confront a situation where there is injustice and chaos. They are peace lovers so unless they feel calm and comforted, they could be in an irritable mood. As air signs, their anger will flare. But once the anger subsides, they'll cool off quickly. Libras are all about making choices. Therefore, for a Libra individual, the choice is all about choosing their own happiness over that of others. They hate the feeling of being rejected in love. So, they'll be saddened and upset when their partners decide to handle them casually or pay no attention to their needs.

Libras are so annoying

Libras are quite frustrating to deal with when they choose to give you a silent treatment. They are quite particular about their basic requirements and if they feel threatened, they'll lash out at you. They are a ticking time bomb. They are outrageous and sometimes too critical of people around them. They have a keen sense of observation and hate to accommodate disequilibrium. They are unforgiving when disappointed in you. Despite their own desire to experiment and explore, they'll expect certain standards of conduct from others and upset them with their harsh criticism.

Libras are so sensitive

Libras are always playing the balancing act. They can be tough but secretly sensitive. This is to say that they do get affected when people behave selfishly around them and make them feel neglected. They want to have fun and engage in interactive tasks with people as they thrive in partnerships. But if their trust is broken or they face a backlash they will withdraw immediately as they hate indulging with people who fail to value them. With distinct likes and dislikes, the Libra native have a tough core while they try to hide away their delicate nature. As diehard romantics, they'll fall in love too quickly to feel like their expectations haven't really been met.

Libras are so nonchalant

Libras are quite adept at appearing nonchalant and unaffected. No matter how disheveled the world around them seems, they'll magically figure out a way to focus on their priorities and keep their peace intact. This could also mean that they are misconstrued as selfish or insensitive. In all fairness, they like to keep their surroundings as well as their internal space cutter free. They are wild and passionate in love but would expect their partners to bring orderliness in their lives. So, they'll escape quickly and live in a dilemma throughout their lives in making choices.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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