Why are Pisces so Different (and so confusing)?

Why are Pisces so Different (and so confusing)?


If you have ever come across a Pisces male or female, you would know how surreal their presence is. They could either appear straight out of a beautiful romantic poetry or so chaotic to drive anyone crazy. So, how are Pisces different from the other Zodiac signs? What makes Pisces so unique and special? Is Pisces the rarest zodiac sign in astrology? What makes Pisces so attractive and also the most hated?

Here are some fundamental personality traits of a Pisces that makes them so desirable and so loved but also sometimes considered as the most annoying among the Zodiac signs.

Is Pisces the dumbest sign?

Pisces is not dumb. They are spiritually enlightened. They are just too humble and withdrawn to beat their own drums. They couldn't care less about how the world perceives them as they are far from the material world, striving to achieve union with the divine. They do not believe in proving their worth or engaging in a stiff competition in this worldly paradigm as their souls are awakened to distinguish between what constitutes temporary and permanent bliss.

Pisces are confusing as they live in fantasy

Pisces being the last sign in the Zodiac wheel is far too mature and experienced, possessing a little of all the personalities of the other Zodiac signs. They exhibit multiple personalities and hence, truly understanding who they are is impossible. They seem to live in an illusion to those who look at the world through the lens of logic and reason. They are driven by their hearts and decide on impulse which makes them easily misunderstood and confusing to others.

Pisces are weird

Pisces imitates the movement of its animal symbol, the twin fishes. They are restless and seldom at the same spot for the longest. Pisces can be branded weird and annoying at times as they never truly know what they want. They live in a delusion of an ideal world and such romantic vision of human life pushes them far away from reality. This makes them strange and unfathomable. Their thoughts are complex and self indulgence with their thoughts often makes them appear crazy and chaotic deep within.

Pisces are so crazy sometimes

The men and women born under the Pisces Zodiac sign are so kind and compassionate that they might jump into things that reason otherwise would ask them not to engage in. As highly intuitive signs, they have the power to foresee and feel their surrounding energy stronger than anyone else. Pisces are mysterious and secretive. This could be overwhelming for a Piscean to handle which is why they often abuse substances or become suicidal to escape from the drudgery and pain of the real world.

Compassion makes Pisces so special

Pisces men and women are such deep feelers that something which most wouldn't notice about you, they can easily sense it by their sheer understanding of human emotions. They are such great nurturers and lovers that sacrificing their all just to make someone happy is a natural quality they never need to boast of. The unconditional care and genuine passion for humanity effortlessly reflects in the way they handle their personal relationships and also the world community which they call family.

Pisces are so hated because they change their minds

Pisces have a dangerous habit of flipping when something feels wrong. They are often in two minds about their next plan of action which causes people to stop considering them reliable. They may also be more anxious than the rest as the slightest sense of fear or chicanery can put them in a stress mode. Reason gets the better of them and they struggle to make an informed choice as they fear being judged or ridiculed.

Pisces are so unique because of their mystical nature

Pisces are so cute and attractive, so dreamy and mystical that they come across as unrealistic mythical creatures. They are highly sensitive and emotional beings who believe in the goodness of humanity. They are givers who like to nourish people in need and serve them beyond their petty and selfish needs. This they know as the purest way to serve the highest cosmic power. So gentle and kind, Pisces natives are like no other because it's their dedication and soft-hearted approach which makes them so rare in a cruel world.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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