Why are Pisces so Secretive?

Why are Pisces so Secretive?


As Pisces is located at the extreme end of the zodiac cycle, they have a great potential for bearing people's secrets and also their own. Their understanding of the world is beyond any material comparison and therefore, they struggle to explain themselves to most people. Empathetic and delicate, they keep to themselves as far as possible. So, what makes Pisces so mysterious and particular about their privacy? What makes them withdraw from people? Why do they prefer being alone? What secrets do Pisces hold and why are they so quiet?

Here are 6 personality traits and reasons that explain why Pisces are so secretive.

1. Pisces hide their feelings

One could never be certain about the thoughts running on a Pisces' mind. They are so deeply engrossed in their fantasies that the entire world around them fades away. Pisces men but especially Pisces women are scared of being misunderstood and therefore, they keep it low key. It's only to protect a delicate heart that they choose to remain silent. They hate confronting questions that expose their weaknesses or make them appear confused. As they often tend to live in a make-belief world, they find it safer to retreat in their space and choose peace over chaos.

2. Pisces are mysterious

Pisces natives could get dangerously quiet when they suspect that someone they love is taking advantage of their niceness. While they are kind and generous, they would not tolerate being neglected. They are often perceived as pushovers because they strive to maintain a cordial relationship with all. So, they could veil themselves in order to save themselves the pain of a broken heart. Pisces males and females are emotional and this personality trait helps them connect beyond the material plane. Such vague ideas that run through their minds makes them unfathomable and hence, mysterious to practical individuals.

3. Pisces have a double personality

Represented by two fishes, this symbol of the Pisces zodiac denotes dualism. These fishes swimming in the opposite direction but connected by a cord speak of the polarities of the body and the soul. If you notice the movement of the fishes, they are swift to leave when the environment seems to threaten their existence or done with you. On the surface, the Pisces individuals could be multitasking to ensure their survival. On the soul level, they have escaped into the unknown. Salvation is the ultimate goal of the Pisces and therefore, they'll often take off moments from their schedule to get in touch with their true calling.

4. Pisces like to be alone

They love the freedom in solace. This is especially true when Pisces are over someone they had loved before. It helps them tune in to the calls of the other world. They frequently seek the help of the supreme source especially when they lose their sense of direction. So, Pisces would need their privacy to think of the otherworldly realm and relax or unwind for a break from the mundane material world. They are selfless individuals who wish to help everyone. These are also those individuals who may seek comfort in intoxicating substances to lose their sense of the present and see the world from an illusionary lens.

5. Pisces are so cold

Pisces natives are best described as carefree. They hate to be tied down with the responsibilities of the work. They realize that they are mythical creatures who do not conform to the laws of the land or routines which restrict their creativity. That's why a Pisces man or a Pisces woman will appear cold on the outside and frustrated on the inside as they are made to deal with the reality of this harsh world. Staying aloof is the best way for these natives to avoid the drudgery of human existence. Their ideas are misinterpreted and their actions judged. As gentle hearts they hate confrontation so a silent treatment is the best approach for the Pisces men and women.

6. Pisces are emotionally detached

The men and women born under the Pisces Zodiac sign are extremely emotional but detached from the human world. The pleasures of the physical realm don't excite them. Their undeniable belief in the supreme force makes them sensitive to the ideas of spirituality. However, they hate being striped off their independence. They are moody and indecisive. They fail to handle logical explanations of problems and all they do is a reflection of their big-hearted nature. As they have a short attention span, they could divert their focus quickly and jump over to the next exciting person or thing that catches their attention.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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