Why are Taurus so Good in Bed?

Why are Taurus so Good in Bed?


Taurus are extremely loving and caring when they have fallen in love. They’ll nurture you with their loyalty and make genuine efforts to build a stable and intimate relationship. With an admirable sexual prowess, they express their love through sex. So, why are Taurus so hot and sexually attractive? What do they secretly desire in their sex life? What makes them so special and what turns on a Taurus native?

Here are what astrology says about sex with a Taurus man or woman and why they are so good in bed!

Taurus make good lovers

Taurus males and females are extremely protective of their lovers. They would always walk the extra mile for someone who has won over them. They are very romantic and can express their true feelings for someone in the most adorable ways. They’ll make your heart melt with their gestures. They have a material bent of life and with a firm determination to pursue an ideal lover, they’ll move mountains for their sweetheart. While they value emotions, a strong sexual chemistry towards the opposite sex is important for them to feel attached to their lovers.

Taurus are great kissers

Taurus are great at kissing as much as they love the idea of getting into intimate action. They’ll pique your interest slowly. Totally into foreplay, they would love to show off their soft sexual skills before they go hard on you. Luscious, soft lips of the Taurus male or female will make you instantly hot and heavy. Very delicate and tender, the Taurus man or woman will keep you in their warm embrace when they want to wrap you in their arms. You’ll cherish the way a Taurus kisses you for they’ll overwhelm you with the intensity of their passion and depth of emotions.

Taurus are so hot

Amazingly built Taureans have curves to die for (learn more about the Taurus woman sexuality traits). They have an aggressive sexual appetite that’ll leave you exhausted and begging for more. You’ll be in love with their upper body strength and their athletic skills. They love the feel of being surrounded by objects of beauty and wouldn't stay away from appreciating the aesthetics of it. Cute eyes and plump lips, they draw attention with a strong physical structure. They are passionate and committed when they are serious. Casual sex is not their thing. So, they mean no harm when they make you chase. What makes Taurus natives hotter is the willingness to keep the relationship exclusive and prioritize their partners when need be.

Taurus are freaky

The men and women born under the Taurus Zodiac sign have a stamina to boast of. Even though they are practical, they do have fantasies as they are ruled by the pleasure seeking planet, Venus. Sex with a Taurus man or woman is superbly fulfilling. They’ll open up with you and do some dirty talking. They’ll touch you unexpectedly and perhaps kiss you hard when nobody's looking. They want to get naked and sleep next to a lover without judgements and inhibitions. They’ll want to eat you up and make you scream in pleasure. You’ll enjoy the way he holds you stubbornly when he wants to dominate over you. Afterplays are a Taurus thing so they’ll continue exploring their favorite parts of you even after the climax.

Taurus are strikingly sensual

They are hardcore sexual beings. As deeply sensual beings, they want someone who invigorates their senses and satiates them with their touch, smell, sight, taste and sound. This is a zodiac that will get high on sex and want to be intimate on a daily basis. They get cozy with their lovers in no time for making love is an act of expressing their emotions. They’ll get attached to someone quickly if the person reciprocates their feelings and responds to their needs seamlessly. Taureans love romance and when they are in the right mood or feel horny, they’ll make creative efforts to get closer to you.

Taurus is very affectionate

Loving, sweet and kind: These qualities make Taurus extremely attractive. Their gentleness reflects even in the way they make love to their partners. Physical touches are exhilarating for the Taurus men and women. So, they’ll love to stay indoors and cuddle with you the whole day. They’ll long for soft touches and have a strong desire to feel intimate almost all the time. Such intense sexual energy is felt around them when they can’t keep their hands off you. They will pull you closer when they crave to explore your body, nibble your soft spots or feel the pleasure of caressing their mate.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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