Why are Virgos so Cold? 7 Reasons that explain why!

Why are Virgos so Cold? 7 Reasons that explain why!


Virgos are really good at hiding their emotions away and slow to respond romantically. They are quite logical and look at things with a critical bent of mind. So, what makes Virgos so uncaring, fussy and hard to love? What makes them so distant? Why are Virgos so passive in love and what causes them to be so guarded in love?

If you are interested in a Virgo or have been dating one for a while, here are a few traits and weaknesses you need to know about the Virgo man's or woman's personality that explain why Virgos are so cold:

1. Virgos hide their feelings

Virgos are engrossed in the mundane world. They are attached to the material plane and are seeking ways to improve their finances and secure their lives for the rainy days.

They are too scared for someone to understand their complex inner world and this is perhaps the reason why they would choose to conceal their real feelings and live a secluded life without a loud show of their beliefs and ideas.

2. Virgo natives are emotionally unavailable

The men and women born under the Virgo Zodiac sign are emotional beings but fail to display it

They have a serious disposition but care too much about those they love. This emotional unavailability helps them focus on their career and makes them too calculative.

When they sense danger or are fearful of the intentions of others, they would quickly withdraw and try to protect themselves. They are scared of instability and uncommitted people.

So, there will always be an invisible distance that a Virgo native will maintain in order to preserve their emotions for those who truly deserve them.

3. Virgos are afraid of love

Virgos are scared of being taken for granted. They are often the breadwinners of the family. They spend a lot of their time and energy focusing on perfecting everything around them.

This leaves them far too exhausted to engage themselves in a creative expression of their love. They are quite responsible individuals in their love lives and want to provide for those who call their own.

Hence, they shield themselves and observe the actions of a potential date before they can truly commit.

4. Virgos are usually introverted

Virgos are generally infamous for being too self-ventured and consumed in their own lives.

They have high standards and could end up being too hard on themselves when they fail to meet their own expectations from life. They would prefer taking the backseat rather than fight for the limelight and beat their own drums.

They are shy but once you get closer to them you could discover a fun side to their personality which their friends enjoy thoroughly. Virgos are hard to love: Even when they like someone, they'll push people away or build strong walls around themselves.

5. Virgo men and women are so picky

Virgo natives are very intelligent people. They have multiple engagements going on in their heads.

You would always notice how particular they are about their work and health. They like to take care of their bodies and appreciate people being presentable. So, when they notice imperfection or unorganized individuals, they'll generally make critical comments.

Depending upon the position of their natal mercury, they could end up hurting people with their cynicism. They fail to understand the lighter side of life and the need to look at the bigger picture instead of micromanaging everyone around them.

6. Virgos are so insecure

Virgos are tender on the inside no matter how hard they may seem in their work environment.

They are often ignored because they don't fish for compliments to avoid the limelight. They prefer being alone and minding their own businesses focusing on their priorities than whiling away their time.

Especially Virgo men could be very demanding in love, expecting their partner to give the same way they do. They are in for the long haul and believe in working to make their relationships last.

They damage their self-esteem, thinking they are not good enough every time they fail to live up to their own impossible standards.

7. Virgo males and females have trust issues

Virgos are well aware of how the material world functions.

They are fussy and grumpy. It's difficult to make them happy in a relationship or satisfy them with your efforts easily. Often they'll notice what's missing rather than appreciating the sincerity or the intention behind a well meaning gesture.

They are unable to become vulnerable and allow a beautiful relationship to blossom because they are so guarded and controlling. They are inexpressive of their feelings and even when they are hurt, they'll rather use sarcasm and cause irreparable damage than responsibly dealing with sensitive individuals in their lives.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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