10 Things a Gemini man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman

10 Things a Gemini man Likes and Dislikes in a Woman


The Gemini man is quick-witted, charming and extremely fun to hang around with. In love, he will particularly look for a strong mental connection to further the romantic bond into a stable relationship. So, what is the ideal woman for a Gemini man? What are the qualities a Gemini man looks for in a woman? What personality traits will make him fall in love?

Here are 10 things the Gemini likes and dislikes in a woman:

1. He likes ambitious women

The Gemini man is insanely attracted to women of confidence, caliber and ambition. He likes the drive of a focused woman who can dream big. He would make real efforts to seduce a woman who is independent and can take charge of her own lives. He finds it sexy when his ideal woman is in control of her life and is able to make strides for her growth in life. While the Gemini man is not too particular about his ideal woman, he does need to surround himself with those who motivate and push him.

2. He loves intellectual communication

Beauty with brains is what the best match for the Gemini man would be like. He likes to engage in the discussion of ideas that satisfies his innate curiosity. He would ask you all sorts of questions about your likes and dislikes if he is really interested in you. Unless your words truly appeal to his mind, he may not really be keen to pursue you in the long-run despite the fact that he may engage in a short casual relationship for fun. Therefore, good communication skills are a key to the Gemini man's heart.

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3. He admires the optimism of a woman

It is exciting for the Gemini man to be in the company of a woman who is lively and can see through the difficult times with her positivity. As a mercury ruled sign, he is childlike and wants someone who can dare to experience life with open arms. He needs to enjoy life with his partner or he may feel drained and unmotivated to chase her. He wants to feel the newness of the first meeting almost everyday. Never dealing with a dull moment with someone who can laugh and make him happy, he will search for an outgoing personality to live his whole life with.

4. He enjoys the creativity in romance

He needs to feel and observe the beauty of his partner's gestures in winning over his heart. Even in a casual affair, the Gemini man needs to be seduced and charmed with passion. He wants to feel excited and drawn towards her. So, a woman who can build the chemistry consistently and take him to bed with her boldness and willingness to try new experiences is very likeable to the Gemini man. He derives no fun in the comfort zone and therefore, he will look for a mate who isn't afraid to try, make mistakes and learn.

5. He dislikes being controlled

The Gemini man is a happy-go-lucky guy who lives life on his own terms. While he can make compromises he would certainly weigh the consequences through his own understanding before he commits to a deal. If a woman tries to force him to follow her lead and makes him conform to her rules and expectations, it might just turn him off. He wants to be free and respected for who he is. So, he will give up on someone dominating and mean when he feels too suffocated in her company. He really needs to feel liberated in love or he would consider being better off single.

6. He likes open-minded women

The Gemini man loves kind, jovial and friendly women. He cannot deal with a woman who is high-maintenance or someone who throws tantrums at him. He wants a true partner willing to support him and learn in a lifelong journey together. He likes someone accepting of changes and capable of going with the flow. So, a woman needs to have a big heart that understands and is ready to shift mindsets rather than hold on to age-old dogmatic beliefs and practices.

7. He hates structure and routine

The Gemini man does not do well in relationships that require him to live a life within boundaries. He would easily rebel and find his way out of it. He wants the freedom to decide and chalk his own plans however it suits him. If you expect him to make choices as per your conveniences, he'll be claustrophobic. He hates a disciplined lifestyle because it limits him. He'll want to be multitasking as his most productive hours and therefore micromanaging his life could end up being a disaster.

8. He dislikes dramatic women

He does not understand excessively emotional women. As an air sign, the Gemini man is easily distracted and detached from people. Too much of an emotional outburst could only scare him away. He wants someone elegant, graceful and mature to be able to handle herself responsibly. He would not be interested in someone clingy and too full of expectations. With a short attention span, he cannot process extremities of behavior. Aggressiveness and toxicity will easily lose his feelings and make him distance himself away from a woman.

9. He appreciates a generous lover

What will truly hold a Gemini man in your life is if you are a giver. A big-hearted person who adores him for who he is and is able to complain less is likeable to the Gemini man. Compassion and love will make him feel nurtured and safe. He needs a home to call his own and unless he finds his favorite destination, he'll remain a wanderer for life. So, admire your Gemini guy and accommodate his childish requests. Subtly guide him when he goes astray. If you win over his trust and he can have complete faith in your understanding, he will stick to you till the end.

10. He desires a sexually intimate partner

Sex for the Gemini man needs to be filled with energy and laughter. He is very communicative even when he is making love. So, he'll expect you to reciprocate his moves and experiment with newer positions and tricks. Monotonous sex routine will kill his interest. So, use some props and toys to infuse excitement in the bedroom. Read erotica to your Gemini man and be ready to role play if you have a thing for it. Basically, he needs the thrill and kink to be potent for him to woo you with his best performance in the bedroom.


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