7 Things to know to Make a Gemini Man go Crazy about you!

7 Things to know to Make a Gemini Man go Crazy about you!


The Gemini man is bold, curious and driven to travel far and wide to win over someone who steals his heart. The Gemini man is not the kind of man who is hiding his feelings when he is in love. Do you have a crush for a Gemini man and wish to seduce him? What kind of a personality is a Gemini male and what does he look for in a woman? How do you know if a Gemini man likes you and how will he express his love? How to make a Gemini man obsessed with you? How to make him addicted to you?

Here are 7 ways in which you can drive a Gemini man crazy, make him fall in love with you, make him miss you madly and get him to chase you!

1. Appeal to his intellect to make him fall in love with you

The Gemini man has an attractive personality. He is smart, witty and intelligent but nonetheless impatient. As an air sign, he is a man of ideas and creativity. He needs to feel intellectually stimulated to be attracted to you. Good look does attract him but a sound personality and confidence is good for his soul. Talk to him about things that inspire you, motivate him and show him that you care about his opinions. He wants to have a sense of belonging in someone's life or else he could feel lost. Anything new garners his attention. So, make sure you are updated and can break the monotony of routine in his life.

2. Be adventurous to impress him

It's important to be able to win the Gemini man's attention through your pro-activity. He loves to travel and grow. If you are to have an impact on his life, accompany him on his escapades. He is quick to adapt himself to change and hence, he would be looking for a woman who can blend in and behave as per the demands of the situation. It's difficult for the Gemini guy to handle someone who is rigid and averse to risks. He likes to live life on the edge and will forever seek the thrill of adventure. So, if you could keep up with his moods and set out with him on a spontaneous journey, you'll get closer to him and notice clear signs in his behavior if he likes you.

3. Flirt with him to make him obsessed with you

When a Gemini man shows interest in you, try and get closer to him by raising the heat meter. He needs to feel sexual tension to reciprocate to your moves. If he responds to your sexy conversations, take it a level higher by building anticipation for the real act. If the Gemini man likes you and feels drawn towards you, he'll want to get more intimate with you, sexually engage without strings attached. Sex in the car, park, elevator, can be just his thing. So, prepare yourself for wild sex in the most unexpected places with the Gemini man. While he may be interested in something serious later, at the initial stage, he'll project casual behavior. So, charm him with a confident body language, tell him your fantasies and share with him your desires that you'll like him to fulfill. Build some chemistry with the Gemini guy to make him like you and chase you hard.

4. Ground his ideas

The man born under the Gemini Zodiac sign is a prince who is enticed by the glam and glitter of the world. He wants to explore and experiment with his thoughts and beliefs. He wants to share his life with a woman who understands his dire need to acquire new knowledge and skills. Despite the fact that he feels happy with someone with a similar energy as his, he'll be excited to have a dependable partner who can bring his ideas to fruition and guide him to act on his lofty ideas. Have an open communication with your Gemini man to establish boundaries and clearly understand his aspirations and expectations. If he longs for your help or guidance, be ready to be there for him so that he feels supported.

5. Let him be free to keep him interested

He needs space. If you thwart his initiatives or fearless attitude, the Gemini man will be done with you. He is extremely sensitive about his independence and cannot be in love with someone who tries to dominate him or override his decisions. Though he may seem indecisive or directionless at times, avoid sapping him of his autonomy unless he asks you to decide for him. He needs to feel secure and respected for the person that he is and accepted without judgements. He hates being told what to do or mistrusted for the choices that he makes. So, as a potential lover, you need to ensure that he feels confident around you.

6. Keep pace with his interests

You may notice that your Gemini guy has multiple interests or hobbies. He wants a motivated partner who can introduce him to fun filled activities. In short, he wants a woman who can become a child with him. It's important to connect with the Gemini man beyond the bedroom or he could get bored with the monotony of a routine sex life. So, explore the city, plan weekend getaways or join a hobby together. He'll start getting attached to you when you showcase an interest to make his lifestyle a part of yours. He may need sometime to emotionally connect with someone or he'll struggle to settle down. So, avoid the emotional heaviness and let him take his own pace while you focus on building a solid friendship with him.

7. Have no expectations

If you expect a lot from the Gemini man, there's disappointment in store for you. He is like the child who needs perpetual excitement or he'll lose his drive to woo you. He cannot be tied down or expected to reciprocate the way you feel for him. Keep the chase alive by focusing on your life. The moment to give in, he may just take you for granted. So, stay unavailable for a while and take breaks without letting him in too soon into your space. He loves a woman with a sexy mind and the courage to act. So, entice him with your words as well as actions. It's safer to keep a distance so that the flame doesn't burn too bright too quickly.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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