12 Ways to get a Capricorn Woman to Chase you

12 Ways to get a Capricorn Woman to Chase you


The earth Capricorn women are straightforward and intelligent. They have a solid and practical view of the world and can be easily disinterested with unrealistic or reckless behavior. What can you do to attract a Capricorn woman? How do you make a Capricorn woman chase you? What does she look for in a man? What can astrology reveal about her personality?

Here is how you can attract and seduce a Capricorn woman and make her obsessed with you!

1. Turn on your Capricorn woman with sweet text messages

The Capricorn woman will miss you and think about you when you make the effort to drop her text messages and remain in touch consistently. Consistency is important when you want to make a Capricorn woman fall for you. Just be sincere and don't be flowery in language for she is a logical woman. However, here is the catch: Avoid being too available or she'll lose interest.

“You are one of a kind.”
“I love how smart you are!”
“I appreciate your drive in life.”
“I love the way you think.”
“We should do things together. Would you like to travel with me?”

2. Show stability to keep her

The Capricorn woman respects someone who can promise her stability and dependability. Unplanned lifestyle or sudden changes may irritate her and turn her off for good. She wants her loyalty reciprocated so you need to win her over by proving yourself as responsible. Be the provider even though she encourages equalism.

3. Stay career driven to make her want you

It's a given that a Capricorn woman, who is so strong, determined and persuasive, needs someone who can make her feel doubly powerful. She knows her worth and this makes a Capricorn woman attractive. Well, you don't necessarily need to be affluent to win over her but she needs to feel convinced of your focus in life. She isn't for the faint hearted as she would not hesitate to call out on you when you disappoint her with your lack of direction.

4. Focus on the friendship to make her fall in love with you

Capricorn women don't wear their hearts on their sleeves. She would take time to analyze and understand how a potential romantic connection could benefit her, more so her career and social standing. Call her materialistic but her public image matters and there is nothing that takes precedence over the "big picture".

5. Touch her to attract her sexually

Sensual touches make the Capricorn woman feel extremely desirable especially when she has had a long day and needs you to comfort her physically. If she happens to be uptight, try and loosen her up and break the monotony with a date night. Play soft and sexy music to turn her on and she'll be delighted to see how passionate you make her feel.

6. Be responsible with your life

Man up and show her that you are in charge of your life. The Capricorn female has no time to chaperon and deal with boys. They are usually quite mature for their age and need someone who can be dignified and reflect some integrity in relationships. If you are careless with yourself and people who depend on you, it's time to grow up as the Capricorn woman can't deal with a lazy guy.

7. Be transparent

A bit of mystery goes a long way in keeping the vibrancy on the relationship intact. However, she can get highly suspicious of those who fail to maintain even basic transparency. She doesn't encourage fishy behavior. So, keep her informed and never ghost her for she will never take you back in case you decide to play with her emotions. If you wish to date a Capricorn woman, you can only conquer her heart with concrete and decisive plans.

8. Appreciate her to make her happy

The Capricorn woman seldom entertains being just someone you hang out with. She needs something concrete or she would bail out. So, be thoughtful and compliment her when she makes efforts for you. Be proud of her and appreciate her in front of people and this includes your friends and family.

9. Be protective to make your Capricorn woman really like you

The woman born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign is a strong woman. She knows how to defend her views and take care of herself. However, in the process of selecting her ideal mate, she would look for a man who makes her feel secure and safe, both emotionally and physically. Stand by her and never make her doubt your true intentions.

10. Communicate with empathy

Be responsible with your words and how you present yourself to the Capricorn woman. She is serious about life, her family and her close buddies. Never discount what she feels and try being empathic when you listen to her. She may have non-negotiable views on certain aspects of life and she needs an equal who is willing to learn and grow with her.

11. Build meaningful sexual compatibility

As we have discussed, the Capricorn woman has trouble emoting. She is careful about who she allows in her inner circle and until then it's good to be respectful of her space and let her decide when she wants to get close to you. She has a deep sense of purpose and random or casual relationships are not the typical things that a Capricorn woman would be comfortable with.

12. Share her dreams

It's important to be able to understand your Capricorn woman's outlook towards life before you think of pursuing her. She is far from the happy-go-lucky woman you'll meet often. There is a sense of duty and strict conduct that guides her as a person. She may not be unrealistic but her goals are lofty. This requires a partner who can support her and stand firm with her without demanding her to sacrifice her dreams.


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Maria Alifa


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