Pisces Woman in Bed: How to Seduce and Please her?

Pisces Woman in Bed: How to Seduce and Please her?


Pisces women are intuitive and imaginative. You can count on them to entice you and make your freakiest sexual dreams come true. How to arouse a Pisces woman? What does a Pisces woman want in bed? How to attract a Pisces woman and keep her hooked? Who is a Pisces woman sexually compatible with?

Here are a few traits and characteristics of the Pisces women in bed and a few tips to satisfy her sexually!

Pisces woman sexuality traits

Her approach to sex is non-traditional. She is sexy and sultry in bed. She believes in a blind surrender to her mate for maximizing mutual pleasure.

Stability, protection, compassion and support are important personality traits of the ideal partner for the Pisces woman. So, unless she feels truly respected and admired, she may never feel sexually attracted to a man.

She is sensitive and has a great need to balance extreme aggression and energy. She has no qualms being freaky and talking dirty to her mate in bed and with a chameleon-like adaptable character, they'll blend into any role you want them to play for the kink between the sheets.

What does the Pisces woman like in bed?

The Pisces woman wants her emotions reciprocated. She wants to fall in love first before she is able to stand naked before someone. She loves blindly and this requires her to trust her partner for a fulfilling sexual experience that comes with a promise of forever.

Be gentle around her and observe her moves. It's good to avoid rushing with the act since she would expect you to be patient with her orgasms. If she is aroused sufficiently with good oral sex, it would be easier for her to climax with satisfaction. They are sensitive around the foot. So, a nice massage will arouse them quickly.

Pisces woman and Aries man in bed

The couple will have trouble connecting truly on an emotional level which will affect the physical intimacy between them. Pisces women are comfortable being alone than with someone who rushes sex and does not infuse art into lovemaking. The Aries man is far too aggressive and rash to slow down and reciprocate in a soft and tender fashion when their mind is occupied with important priorities.

Pisces woman and Taurus man in bed

The appreciation of pleasure and comforts is what this couple stands for especially when they are physically attracted to each other. Both these signs are comfortable spaces for Venus and hence, desires are maximized when they come close. The Taurus man will love immersing themselves into the sexual fantasies of the Pisces woman. It's a relationship of understanding, patience, surrender and care that they are able to give each other in the bedroom.

Pisces woman and Gemini man in bed

The Gemini man is able to use his creativity in the sexual acts with the Pisces woman but he'll struggle to form a deep intimate bond with the Pisces woman and hence, end up frustrating her with his hasty moves and detachment. Pisces woman needs to approach people with more practicality while Gemini man needs to ground himself and respond patiently for the relationship to thrive.

Pisces woman and Cancer man in bed

This is a relationship where there is meaning and attachment. As water signs, they'll be able to relate to each other and provide emotional as well as physical intimacy in their union. It's a beautiful sensual compatibility between two highly sensitive signs who can extend their care, compassion and creativity in the act.

Pisces woman and Leo man in bed

While this is a couple that can have good fun on a one-night stand, trouble arises when the expectations soar. As strong individualistic traits, they'll end up selfishly demanding satisfaction of their own needs. While Pisces women need more empathy, tenderness and care Leo men will find them weak and impractical. Such differences will impact their security and comfort and ruin an otherwise potentially strong sexual relationship.

Pisces woman and Virgo man in bed

There is a strong mutual attraction that this couple will encounter when they unite to make love. When the Pisces woman makes the effort to see through the shy Virgo man's real emotions, they'll blend in to form true intimacy. Virgo man will appreciate the uninhibited approach to sex she has to offer while the Pisces female is likely to fall for his humbleness, willingness to perfect his performances and stability in the long-term.

Pisces woman and Libra man in bed

While their elements clash, the common planet of Venus will help them form a beautiful bond and satisfy each other with a selfless approach. With heightened passion and desires, they'll find it hard to resist the temptation of each other. Both these signs are graceful and charming. While sustaining the bond may be challenging due to issues of trust, their sex life will be the highlight of the relationship.

Pisces woman and Scorpio man in bed

As both these signs represent an incredible intensity of passion and emotions, their physical intimacy will be fulfilling. While the Pisces woman wishes to blend into the aggressive sexual urges, if the Scorpio man learns to display their vulnerable side and give in to the romantic gestures of the Pisces woman, they should be able to balance their expectations and derive a satisfying sex life.

Pisces woman and Sagittarius man in bed

If its all about sex, this is a great bond between two creative, passionate and adventurous individuals. In fact, Pisces are extremely attracted to Sagittarius. They'll be supportive of each other and with a common spiritual connection, the sexual relationship can derive some meaning to last for a long time. However, skyrocketing expectations could spoil the charm of their union unless there is stability and thoughtfulness in balancing their differences.

Pisces woman and Capricorn man in bed

While Capricorn men are quite rational, Pisces being highly sensitive and understanding will be able to touch him deep. Capricorn men have good libidos and they'll make sure the Pisces woman is thoroughly satisfied all night long. As long as Pisces women can handle their traditional and disciplined way of life, the Capricorn man will ensure her sexual needs are taken care of.

Pisces woman and Aquarius man in bed

The sexual intimacy between the Pisces woman and Aquarius man is quite an exciting one with enough room for creativity. The latter loves the thrill of adventure and unusual sexual practices while Pisces women are ready to play a submissive role and follow the Aquarius man's lead as long as she can trust him and he is able to share his emotions.


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