What Happens When You Hurt a Sagittarius Man?

What Happens When You Hurt a Sagittarius Man?


A Sagittarius man is a carefree, adventurous and positive personality who wants to live life on his own terms. If you hurt a Sagittarius man, he'll put on a brave face and forget about his passion and emotions towards you. So, what happens when you hurt a Sagittarius man? How does he deal with his anger? What makes a Sagittarius man upset? What to do to make a Sagittarius man forgive you and miss you?

Here are a few ways in which the Sagittarius man expresses his emotions when he is depressed and disappointed in love:

How does a Sagittarius man act when he is hurt?

The Sagittarius man hates being entangled in complex situations especially if it does not relate to his future goals. When he is offended or hurt, he will think through the problem and look for a solution for it. Despite being detached from the material burdens of life, he is not someone to give up easily on someone he really loves. However, if his freedom is stifled, he is likely to take a backseat and deal with himself.

He will show his bitterness and hurt you at the same intensity. The Sagittarius man is a hot, happy-go-lucky man who needs to feel lively and vibrant all the time. He wants to expand his pursuits and gain through experiential learning. You'll never hear back from him unless he wants to. Thus, when the Sagittarius man is depressed, he will look for an exit to get out of the mess and free himself from the shackles of a troublesome relationship.

Do Sagittarius hold grudges?

The men born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign are optimistic individuals. They do not sit back and cry over what's lost for a long time. With the ability to quickly turn around and look at the brighter side of life, Sagittarius natives will try and shrug off all negative thoughts. They have so much to learn and seek that mundane relationships may never be able to defeat their sense of purpose in life.

They are independent and forever striving for growth and adventures. So, your Sagittarius guy won't sulk, throw tantrums or scheme against a lover who hurt them. In all probability, Sagittarius would only wish them well, get up and hop on to the next thrilling journey.

How to apologize to a Sagittarius man?

Be sincere with the Sagittarius man. He is a knowledgeable guy and with his smartness he'll surely figure out the real deal if you have concealed it from him. He appreciates loyalty and honesty in a woman no matter how harsh the truth ends up being. He would expect transparency in your expectations from him in case he decides to give you another chance.

Watch your tone when you apologize to him. It's good to avoid playing the blame game with the Sagittarius male. Sarcasm should be avoided at all costs for if you press the wrong buttons, he could lash out at you and leave you no room for a second chance.

Acknowledge and appreciate his know-how. Be ready to follow his lead. He wants to guide you and help you with your problems. If the Sagittarius man desires a relationship, it won't be with someone average who cannot handle his fire. A rewarding relationship for these individuals is one where there is a willingness to grow and have fun together.

Accept their need for space to draw him back in your life. Sagittarius natives love their comfort zones. They may be ready for reckless adventures but once they retire to their homes, they'll want to be on their own. They do want to evaluate if their relationships are serving their foremost goals and if their partner is worthy of their time and interest. So, make sure you keep the relationship free from lies and deceit.

Do Sagittarius move on quickly?

Sagittarius men may be quick to move on if they sense your insincerity and dishonesty. These individuals are the least bit tolerant of mean or rude people. They do not want to waste time thinking about the drudgeries of the material world. Rather than silently accepting the pain, he will try to numb himself by getting busier or embarking on a brand new journey. They will always find a solution to leaving behind fake or pretentious people.

The Sagittarius man is fearless and won't feel hesitant to steer clear of all drama. So, if you give them a hard time or if the Sagittarius guy feels bored of you and is looking for the thrill of romance elsewhere, he will distance himself soon.

How do you know when a Sagittarius man is over you and wants to break up?

He'll convey his real emotions to you. He does not shy away from letting people know what he needs. In case his expectations are unmet, he won't mince his words. He doesn't lie and goes around the bush. So, it will be evident that he is done with you when he is upfront about his decision.

He starts looking for pleasure elsewhere. He is cheating on you. He is chasing other female acquaintances he is inclined towards. He is openly asking for a casual relationship or has started getting closer to someone over you.

He is rude and blunt. He behaves selfishly and expects you to conform or shows you the door out of his life. He does not care what the world thinks of him as long he follows his heart.

He does not wish to spend time with you. He won't wish to be vulnerable with you in the fear that you'll again take advantage of you. He is always looking for an escape into a comfortable space, perhaps into his active social life so that he can keep his pain away.

He is unresponsive to your calls and messages. He has blocked you out of his life. He does not pay attention to your conversations nor does he act on his promises anymore. He is basically not interested in you. He is only concerned about his life not yours ever. If your Sagittarius man has been displaying these red flags, he is not into you anymore.


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