What does a Sagittarius Man Look for in a Woman?

What does a Sagittarius Man Look for in a Woman?


What kind of woman does a Sagittarius man like and is attracted to? What does he dislike in a woman? How do Sagittarius men behave when they like someone? How can you tell if a Sagittarius man likes you and how loyal is he in relationships? What Zodiac signs are they compatible with in relationships?

Here is what astrology reveals about Sagittarius men in love, what positive qualities and personality traits they look for in a woman.

What kind of woman does a Sagittarius man like?

The Sagittarius man looks for a woman who is intelligent and has the desire to learn. As a Jupiter ruled sign, he is looking at expansion and growth. So, he'll need someone who can push him to reach new heights. He needs a companion to keep him excited with her creative ways of expressive love. He needs to feel respected and admired for his knowledge and also wants someone who could accept his valuable advice and guidance. He loves his space and desires to explore the world on his journey towards unraveling the deep mysteries of life. The Sagittarius man wants his partner to be open-minded and positive in her outlook.

Sagittarius man likes and dislikes in a woman

Sagittarius men would be easily turned off by someone who is obsessively controlling and imposes her whims and fancies on him. Any form of disrespect or neglect of his knowledge could drive him mad and push him away. He is proud of his wisdom and his accomplishments. So, the expectations of a Sagittarius man in a relationship would be space, admiration and positivity. He loves to travel so if he finds a travel buddy in his partner, he would be elated. An arrogant woman with a bad attitude would anger him. He appreciates intellect, grace, ambition and boldness in a woman. But he dislikes routine, control, emotional sensitivity and stagnancy.

What do Sagittarius men like in bed?

Sagittarius men are sexy and very confident of their bedroom skills. They want their partner to be proactive and ready for sex spontaneously. They would want to have sex in the strangest places and try out different methods of exploring their partners body.

Sagittarius men are so flirty. They need someone who can understand their humor and keep bedroom conversations super exciting and passionate.

Sagittarius men are wild and freaky in bed. They love going overboard with their gestures making unimaginable moves if they are turned on and want to make love. Just don't expect them to cuddle for long or have long after-plays no matter how satisfying sex was.

What does a Sagittarius Man like in Women of Different Zodiacs?

Sagittarius Man Compatibility with Aries Woman

Both these hasty fire signs will make a terrific love match. They'll be able to vibe with each other and woo each other with their limitless energies. Quite spontaneous and quick to initiate activities together, they'll have fun engaging together. Sex life will be satisfying as they are eager to explore and experiment with their partners without necessarily being emotional.

Sagittarius Man Compatibility with Taurus Woman

This relationship will last with great patience and ability to let go of control. Taurus hates change and this could easily turn off the Sagittarius man who is looking for someone who could accompany him in his escapades. He wants to expand beyond horizons and be a lifelong learner on his far-off journeys while Taurus expects a stable family life. While sex may be satisfying with the attractive Taurus woman, long-term compatibility could be challenging.

Sagittarius Man Compatibility with Gemini Woman

Their optimism towards life is so blinding that they'll become great companions to each other just by their sheer ability to motivate and understand their mutual needs to grow and learn. Sex life will be filled with adventurism with the Sagittarius man. The airy Gemini woman will fan the flames of the fiery Sagittarius man who hates being controlled. As both love their freedom and independence, mutual respect for space makes them very fond of each other in no time.

Sagittarius Man Compatibility with Cancer Woman

The terribly emotional Cancer woman will frustrate the Sagittarius native who cannot handle the heaviness of unexpected mood swings. The Cancer woman wants a family and kids while the Sagittarius man is disinterested in a domesticated life unless he finds the ‘right' one. His active social life could be a problem for the mistrusting Cancer woman who would easily become jealous and possessive of his admirers.

Sagittarius Man Compatibility with Leo Woman

As this couple share the same element of fire, they are likely to have a cordial relationship as long as they can keep their egos and escapist tendencies under control. Sagittarius will appreciate the Leo woman's warmth, grandeur and openness to learn and achieve heights. Leo's woman would admire the Sagittarius man's spontaneity and winning mindset. Their intimate lives will be exciting and fun with uninhibited acts of lovemaking.

Sagittarius Man Compatibility with Virgo Woman

While a Virgo woman is admired by the Sagittarius man for her stable and dependable nature, her obsession with perfection and routine could be a downside of her personality which the Virgo woman has difficulty adjusting with. They'll struggle communicating their emotions to each other which wipes out possibilities of having any meaningful relationship without persistence and adjustments.

Sagittarius Man Compatibility with Libra Woman

The Libra woman will charm the pants off Sagittarius men. They are sweet, graceful and extremely creative keeping the Sagittarius man on his toes to pursue her with all his heart. No matter how hard it gets, they'll manage to drive home their expectations and keep their interest alive with their love for physical and intellectual pleasures.

Sagittarius Man Compatibility with Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women are dominating and extremely vengeful when they are deeply attached to the Sagittarius man. The latter will come across as casual without focus or unrestrained to settle down ever. They might be a great match for amazing one night stands or friends with benefits but the heavy exertion of emotions could drive the Sagittarius man away.

Sagittarius Man Compatibility with Sagittarius Woman

They'll understand and learn from each other. Being the same signs, it is easier to relate to mutual expectations and provide unconditional support without judgements. However, what could go amiss is the binary elements, the yin and yang forces which build the sexual tension or build a strong affinity towards each other.

Sagittarius Man Compatibility with Capricorn Woman

The Sagittarius man would appreciate the ambitious nature of the Capricorn woman and her ability to win through her perseverance and hard work. Their mind-blowing stamina could make sex satisfyingly exhausting. However, their rigidity and obsession of the Capricorn woman to operate in a structure or imposition of parochialism could make the Sagittarius man lose interest.

Sagittarius Man Compatibility with Aquarius Woman

These signs fall in love with the ideas both bring to the table and provide each other with the necessary drive to make their dreams a reality. However, in case they are in a casual relationship, they'll have difficulty establishing trust or even the interest to chase each other for a long time as both are too detached from the material realities of life.

Sagittarius Man Compatibility with Pisces Woman

Pisces women have a mystical nature and the Sagittarius man is on a spiritual quest which helps them mutually contribute to their knowledge of the otherworldly. Far from material pursuits they are aloof and simply seek the road to salvation. Sex will be blissful with the Pisces woman but both could suffer from trust issues due to their overly friendly natures and hesitation to settle in a committed relationship.


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