What is the Sagittarius Man's Ideal Woman?

What is the Sagittarius Man's Ideal Woman?


Sagittarius men are optimistic, wild and free in their overall outlook towards life. They do aspire for someone who can keep up with their vibe and energy. What is the ideal woman for a Sagittarius man? What personality traits does he find attractive and does he like in a woman? What is his best match and which Zodiac signs are compatible with the Sagittarius man? How does he express his love and behave when he has a crush on someone?

Here is what astrology can reveal about the Sagittarius man's ideal partner!

What does a Sagittarius man look for in a woman?

Sagittarius are mostly compatible with air signs or the fellow fire signs. Sagittarius men love women who can communicate and are adaptive to change. As they aren't rule bound, they do not like being dominated or forced to be a certain way. Sagittarius are knowledge seekers and extremely honest in their dealings with people.

They like their loyalty reciprocated, especially if they decide to settle down. Sagittarius is a Zodiac sign that considers freedom supreme. They practice free thought, and if they find a woman who can keep up with their curiosity and zest for life, they'll get attached.

Sagittarius males enjoy good, hot sex. They like spontaneity and creativity in bed. If their partner is willing they would be enthusiastic and eager to try something new each time they make love to their partner.

Sagittarius man likes and dislikes in a woman

The men born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign are intellectual and flirty. They are attractive, generous, social and truth seeking. They like women that are as smart and intelligent as charming but dislike women that are just obsessed by their external appearance. Sagittarius men are notorious for being obsessed about casual relationships but that is as long as they don't find their suitable match. They do not settle for the average especially when they set high standards of how they expect their life partner to be.

They dislike rigidity and stiff behavior as they are adventure lovers. Someone who isn't sporty enough to take life as it comes or has a negative attitude towards life can come off as draining for the Sagittarius man. They don't really like a planned life. Uncertainty keeps them thrilled and hence, they could be easily turned off when someone accuses them of leading a nomadic lifestyle. Witty and charming women can really attract and seduce them.

What does a Sagittarius man like in women of different zodiac signs?

Sagittarius man compatibility with Aries woman

Sagittarius and Aries make a great match given the similarities of their fiery energies. They are both active, energetic, curious and adventurous and this makes for a host of mutual activities that they can plan together. There is passion in the bedroom and spontaneity outside.

Sagittarius man compatibility with Taurus woman

These are ruled by arch rivals, Venus and Jupiter though both are benefic planets in astrology. Taurus believes in stability which Sagittarius loves the idea of change and spontaneity. This means they could easily end up having trust issues which may stifle any effort to progress in the relationship.

Sagittarius man compatibility with Gemini woman

This is a good match as the air sign Gemini and fire sign Sagittarius will show a natural inclination towards each other. Sagittarius will act like a guide to the childish Gemini woman and both can nurture their relationship with exchange of ideas and knowledge which they will endlessly seek on their life mission.

Sagittarius man compatibility with Cancer woman

The insecure Cancer woman may have difficulty adjusting or adapting to the wild and reckless nature of the Sagittarius man. He is a lover of freedom while Cancer will look for the comfort of home. This constant mismatch of aspirations or goals results in relationship discord.

Sagittarius man compatibility with Sagittarius woman

With similar energies to deal with, they are aware of what each expects from a romantic bond. They could help each other learn more about their areas of interest with a seamless exchange of ideas and beliefs. They may also be able to mirror their mutual weaknesses and fuel each other's growth in their journey together.

Sagittarius man compatibility with Virgo woman

With Sagittarius man being the risk taker, the Virgo woman might feel threatened and insecure when romance and sex life becomes too demanding on this critical woman. There will be trust issues for each look at life differently and may easily get frustrated when they settle down as the initial attraction starts to fade.

Sagittarius man compatibility with Libra woman

The Libra woman and Sagittarius man can share a beautiful bond and have a deep sexual chemistry. They are experimental-friendly and have fun doing creative work together. With Libra being creative, spontaneous and fair-minded, the honest and spiritual Sagittarius will build a strong bond meant to have a fairy-tale-ending.

Sagittarius man compatibility with Scorpio woman

This couple shares a great sexual relationship. Sex is uninhibited and intensely passionate between these individuals. However, the greater challenge lies in the emotional Scorpio woman taming her possessiveness which can easily turn off the freedom lover Sagittarius man.

Sagittarius man compatibility with Leo woman

There is so much warmth, care and generosity in this relationship that they easily find their place as one of the best compatible couples in the zodiac. Both can hold each other's attention for a long time and this means even when attraction fades, they hold on to the respect and love they have for each other.

Sagittarius man compatibility with Capricorn woman

Capricorn women can appear too uptight and conservative for the fun-loving and spontaneous Sagittarius man. However, there is some stability in the relationship which can draw the Sagittarius man towards the hardworking and rational Capricorn woman. If they can compromise on their rigid expectations and needs, this relationship will work out.

Sagittarius man compatibility with Aquarius woman

There is optimism and hope in both these zodiac signs that keeps them together even when things get hard. While their fickleness can cause the attraction to wax and wane from time to time, communication can hold their affection and interest toward each other.

Sagittarius man compatibility with Pisces woman

This is a beautiful connection as in Pisces the Sagittarius man can find someone who reciprocates his love, devotion and care. They are believers and as long as they can let go of their unrealistic expectations and crazy fantasies about their ideal partner, they could pull off this relationship pretty well.


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