What Happens When You Hurt a Sagittarius Woman?

What Happens When You Hurt a Sagittarius Woman?


Sagittarius women are determined to push beyond boundaries when they have to prove something.They are all invested or not at all. What makes a Sagittarius woman upset or angry? Will she forgive someone who hurt her? How does the Sagittarius woman express her pain and in what ways could you regain a Sagittarius woman's trust? How do you know when she is over you and wants to breakup? How do you apologize and reconcile with her?

If you want to know how the Sagittarius woman will behave when she is hurt, upset, angry or mad, here are the signs you should look for in her behavior.

What to do when a Sagittarius woman ignores you?

When a Sagittarius woman is into you, she'll give her heart and soul to the relationship. She lives in the moment and if she has been ignoring her mate, she is either bored or her partner interests her no more. She'll be unkind and aloof. She will always be real with you even if that means the truth is hurtful. When the Sagittarius woman is no longer interested in you, it's hard to make her happy. You may have cheated on her which is difficult for her to reconcile with. She does not see a future with you anymore as she feels betrayed.

How does a Sagittarius woman act when hurt?

She'll avoid you and give you a cold shoulder very soon if she has learnt of your misconduct. She will never shy away from telling you how she feels in her words and actions. Sagittarius is brave and an extremely powerful sign. She loves to live life on the edge and chart her own rules as she navigates through life. If the Sagittarius woman is hopeless about a relationship, she won't sit still brooding over what's lost.

She is convinced about her purpose in life, to make learning a lifelong process and to travel to far off places in order to enrich her experiences. You might notice the Sagittarius female taking up extra work to keep herself occupied just so that she has excuses to avoid meeting you. If she is shocked about being cheated on, she might display a violent outburst of emotions without caring about what she vents out in the process of expressing her disappointment.

Do Sagittarius women hold grudges?

Sagittarius women will hold grudges against you if you tried to fool or took undue advantage of her. She is quite unforgiving when she is hurt and will struggle to contain her rage. As she is quite picky in relationships, she would hate confronting the fact that she has been mistreated or left uncared for. She is a proud woman. She needs to feel secure in her relationships or she could feel vulnerable and jealous. When she is pained, she'll make sure you are aware of her disappointment, often reminding you of what broke her trust or failed her.

Are Sagittarius women forgiving?

Sagittarius women treat their love lives seriously if they had plans to settle down with their partner and build a life together. They have a hard time giving up their independence and compromising with their space. When they commit, they must have let gone of better opportunities to pursue their lover. If you philander or break her trust, she won't forgive easily, She might even curse you without thinking about the consequences of her words. So much of her hidden pain will surface that she might take extreme steps to channelize her anger and that also includes going out with someone else just to seek revenge where a typical tit-for-tat scenario may play out.

Do Sagittarius women go back to their exes?

Naturally, the women born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign are optimistic people. They are overly enthusiastic about their lives and will set on a new journey to quench the thirst of their curiosity. They won't cry over split milk for centuries but take up tasks or projects that went unattended because of their love life. They will commit themselves to something new and exciting and this could even be a fresh new sexual interest for they are charismatic individuals with a huge following of the opposite gender.

As a learned and experienced person, she will definitely give a thought to her own actions and rethink if there are chances to reconcile in case the mistake of her lover is forgivable. She is not unreasonable or impractical. While she could engulf her ex in a tornado, her anger will subside eventually. In case she realizes her mistake, she'll be quick to apologize as the teacher in her understands that to forgive is divine. She is principled and idealistic. She would expect behavioral changes or else she may never get back to her ex partner.

How do you tell if a Sagittarius woman is over you?

If a Sagittarius woman is over you, she will move on at lightning speed. She'll show an unempathetic side of herself and project an indifferent attitude to your existence. She is nobody's doormat. She has a lower level of tolerance for dishonesty. If you did not value her commitment, she will be convinced that you never respected her. No matter how wild she may seem, her loyalty is fierce. She has bigger aspirations in life which most people cannot relate to. She is a dreamer and a believer in all good things in life.

Even after she has been hurt, she will not cut off herself from a vibrant social life. Rather she could meet new people and seek the company of those who keep her company till the anger and pain subside.You'll be blocked on texts and calls if she still holds grudges against you. If she struggles making peace with this situation, she'll travel far and wide to gain newer perspectives to life. She'll learn to make good use of her anger to build something constructive and purposeful.

How do you make a Sagittarius woman miss you?

If you wish to get back the Sagittarius woman you hurt or make her miss you, be sincere with your emotions. You could have a million ways to justify your wrongdoings but it's better to avoid beating around the bush with this woman. She needs to see through things at her own pace and evaluate the merits of being with you. This requires her to be left alone so that she has enough time to mull over what she truly wants out of the relationship with you.

If she was vocal about what irritated her about you, try making changes in your life. Inculcate a new hobby or up-skill yourself. She will admire someone who is a lifelong learner. Admit to your mistakes and ask her to guide you and be your support. Speak about the good times you have had with her and admire all that she has done for you. Unless you are truly able to convince her of how much she means to you, she may never give you a patient hearing, let alone another chance in a relationship.


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