What Happens When You Hurt a Scorpio Man?

What Happens When You Hurt a Scorpio Man?


Scorpio men are difficult to read when they are mad at you. They are very secretive and like to keep their feelings hidden unless they really trust someone. They are suspicious and take a long time letting people into their private space. So, when their trust is betrayed, their anger will blow out of proportion. So, how does a Scorpio man behave when he is hurt, angry or in pain? How to know if the Scorpio man is over you? Why is a Scorpio man trying to ignore you or push you away?

Here are a few things you would notice when they Scorpio man is not interested in you anymore or wishes to breakup with you:

Do Scorpios get hurt easily?

Scorpios can display immense patience when reacting to something unpalatable. They would prefer concealing their feelings when they are disappointed in you. They are very sentimental and attached to their partners when they confess their feelings and get into a committed relationship.

As a water sign, they may have a turbulent time when their mind gets affected by deceit or lies. They are very devoted and passionate about their lover. They will guard their territory cautiously and ensure that their paradise is safe from predators.

When a Scorpio man or woman is hurt, hell would break loose. They have typical Martian characteristics. When they feel threatened, they'll immediately respond with a sting. It's a deadly encounter with a Scorpio native when they are pissed off. So, if you crush their ego or get anywhere close to their personal space where they feel threatened, you should consider taking a shelter somewhere for they'll hunt you down and cause you as much harm.

How does a Scorpio man act when he is hurt?

Scorpios would seek vengeance for the destruction you caused in their lives. They could even get into a self-destructive mode when they cannot handle the pain. They hate to confront the fact that their trust has been tampered with. Treachery and treason are absolutely disliked by the man born under the Scorpio Zodiac sign.

They take time to open up their hearts. However, when they are taken undue advantage of, they could cry a river and not let the whole world know about it. If the dignity of their natal planets are bad, they are the serial killers we are talking about.

Scorpio is an intense sign of the Zodiac. It's all or nothing for them in love. And everything is fair in love and war for this native of the zodiac. They'll act super mysterious around you and say nothing about what they have planned to avenge the wrong done to them. They'll strike at the right hour when you are at your weakest because this is a warrior that'll stab your back without making a noise about it.

A Scorpio man who was hurt will appear terribly guarded and cold. He'll keep you confused about what's happening in his mind. The warrior mindset won't let him sleep until you have paid for hurting him.

What do you do when a Scorpio man is mad at you?

While Scorpios are scary to deal with when they lose their cool, you should know that beneath the strong exterior lies a soft core that cares deeply and breaks down too when life is unfair to them.

It's good to keep the communication open and apologize sincerely to the Scorpio man or woman. If you try and lie repeatedly, he or she won't spare you. They want the truth and will unearth it at all costs. They are also prone to be deeply intuitive. So, the Scorpio will eventually decipher all the illusion that you caused.

It's good to leave them alone and maintain a distance for sometime. The Scorpio native does have a tendency to lash out at someone who causes them discomfort. So, it's good to focus on your life and avoid a situation where a violent outburst may be possible. Be out of their sight for sometime.

Don't build on their insecurities by trying to make the Scorpio man jealous. They cannot be second to anyone. They need your all. They are quite demanding and controlling and could go to extremes to own what they love. They hate competing especially with those they don't consider worthy. So if you try to double cross and manipulate the situation to work in your favor when you are wrong, this will backfire.

If your promise to make amends and undo the chaos, make sure you stand by it. Scorpio men are very particular about responsibilities and keeping priorities straight. You either have your game on point and love them with all your heart or they'll ensure they make your life miserable when you try to pull the wool over their eyes.

Never get into a verbal spat with the Scorpio male. They could get truly poisonous when they are seething in anger. They hate confronting and when they do, they are merciless.

How do you know when a Scorpio man is over you and wants to break up?

He blocks you on calls and texts. He may go missing without being responsive to you. Or he takes a very long time to reach out to you.

He is seemingly occupied with work more than you have ever known. He is unreachable or makes no effort to spend quality time with you.

He maintains a distance. He does not romantically express himself anymore. He does not make you feel desired. Physical intimacy has gone for a toss and you have started to feel an emotional disconnect from his end. But it is possible to get a Scorpio man back.

He is going out with other women. The Scorpio man is a deeply sexual sign in astrology. Sexual intimacy is important for him for a healthy relationship. So, if he is getting closer to someone else over you, it could well be time to reassess your value in his life.


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