Who should a Scorpio man marry? What's his best match?

Who should a Scorpio man marry? What's his best match?


Scorpio is an intense zodiac sign. His emotions run deep and an ambitious and loyal woman is his weakness. He needs a wife who can share similar values and stay committed to him lifelong. Who are Scorpio males attracted to? Who is a Scorpio man's ideal partner? Which signs are the most compatible with the Scorpio man?

Here is what you need to know about the Scorpio man's ideal woman and who he is the most compatible with:

Do Scorpios make good husbands?

Scorpios are intuitive and mysterious. So, when they decide to wed someone it is never a reckless decision. As a partner, the Scorpio man is dependable, romantic and protective. He is usually cold and detached until he is truly comfortable and trusts those around him. Passions rise high when he falls in love for intimacy is imperative if your bond is to thrive with the Scorpio man. They are stable and you could rely on their instincts and sense of responsibility for life.

As emotional individuals, the Scorpio man can often understand and stay patient when things go wrong. They can endure all challenges with great tact and intellect. Sex is never boring with the Scorpio man for he needs great energy and creativity in his bedroom. The physical connection he establishes with his lover is never superficial and meaningless for he would ensure the best orgasms for her.

What a Scorpio man wants in a wife

The Scorpio man has high expectations of a woman he wishes to court. The Scorpio man has a serious disposition towards a compatible partner he wants to marry. He is protective and guarded towards his loved ones. Though he usually garners a bad rep for being a playboy, he is on the lookout for his soulmate. He believes in companionship and needs a devoted lover in whom he can confide and rely on.

He wants to settle down and raise a family with his lover once he is sure of her. He expects loyalty, commitment and honesty from his potential match. When a Scorpio man is invested in someone, he would want to propose to her to marry him. He would also look for a deeply engaged or intensely involved physically active partner. He wants no inhibitions or doubts when he surrenders to his muse wholeheartedly.

Which are the best matches for a Scorpio man?

The ideal Zodiac signs for the Scorpio man are Cancer, Taurus and Pisces woman. As emotional signs, they can deal with the Scorpio man's needs and expectations relatively better than other zodiacs. The Scorpio woman is patient, passionate, mysterious and intuitive. He can easily get along and fall for these Zodiac signs because of their specific characteristic traits:

Scorpio man and Taurus woman

The Taurus woman is family oriented, and aspires for safety and security in her love life. The Taurus woman's greatest strength is her stability. She can be patient, slowly building a strong foundation of trust and loyalty with her Scorpio lover. Taurus and Scorpio are great friends who can depend on each other. There forms a fatal attraction between the couple, sex being the reason for the attraction to thrive.

Scorpio man and Cancer woman

The Cancer woman is all about nurturing, compassion and protection. Emotions control these individuals and in one another they can seek emotional intimacy. She can connect intuitively with the Scorpio man and connect to his emotions like no other zodiac can. The Cancer woman makes a good match for the Scorpio man because like him she would be in a constant search for a potential partner to raise a family with.

Scorpio man Pisces woman

The Pisces women are graceful, delicate, spiritual and charming. Both of them are gifted psychics and healers. The Pisces woman is highly compatible with the Scorpio man. She is a dreamer and with the Scorpio man also taking an active interest in the occult they can connect meaningfully with each other.


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