Scorpio and Virgo Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?

Scorpio and Virgo Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?


Scorpio and Virgo natives build their friendship on a strong foundation of trust, understanding and faithfulness. Are Virgo and Scorpio soulmates? Do Virgos and Scorpios get along well as friends? How do Scorpios feel about Virgos? What does a Virgo think of a Scorpio? Do Scorpios like Virgos?

Here is what astrology tells about the friendship compatibility between a Scorpio and Virgo:

Are Scorpio and Virgo good friends?

Scorpio is a water sign whereas Virgo is an earth sign. Despite the differences in their elements, these Zodiac signs get along very well. There is harmony, fun and great comradeship between these signs which allows their friendship to last a lifetime. These are highly independent signs who respect each other's privacy and celebrate the idea of freedom. Virgos are opinionated while Scorpios are action oriented.

They make great partners. This is especially true if they decide to pursue a career together or engage in a business plan as they bring the best of both worlds and their expertise in deep learning. A strong intellectual foundation forms the basis of their companionship which sustains their bond and helps to ward off occasional hiccups in their friendship. It's a friendship that's powerful and has the potential to thrive despite all odds owing to their maturities and genuine interest to fix problems and keep the spark alive.

What does Virgo like about Scorpio?

Scorpio is an intensely passionate sign of the Zodiac. This holds true for their friendships and relationships. As a dare devil personality, Scorpios can move mountains for those they revere. Scorpios are mysterious, secretive and dark. Scorpio piques the curiosity of a Virgo who digs data. The unpredictable nature of a Scorpio keeps the Virgo friend on their toes. There is so much to explore with each other and very little time when they are in each other's company. The unquestionable loyalty of the Scorpio man or woman solidifies the bond that these individuals share as Virgos prefer friends with good mannerisms and strong ethical conduct.

This friendship has little chances of being stagnant as both Virgo and Scorpio have an adventure streak that keeps them going. And once a Scorpio has committed to this friendship they are in it for eternity. They could move mountains to ensure that those they call family are happy and content in their company. The forgiving nature of a Scorpio makes them really special for the Virgo because Virgos may often start overthinking and sabotaging their relationship with their critical behavior. As an open minded personality, Scorpio allows Virgo to be themselves while they actively work to get them in touch with their emotional self and allow room for self-expression.

What does Scorpio like about Virgo?

Virgos are detail oriented, analytical and immaculate in their words and actions. They make a great deal of effort to maintain perfection in all spheres of their lives. They are kind and generous around people but prefer keeping their personal life private and close knit. What differentiates a Virgo from other Zodiac signs is their ability to dwell on facts over fiction. They are reliable and choose stability over unpredictability. These are qualities that make Scorpios so fond of Virgos.

Scorpio being an extremely intense and mysterious sign prefers the company of Virgos who build trust and understanding slowly. There is no rush in this friendship that makes way for mutual respect and admiration to blossom. The company of a Virgo does not make a Scorpio feel neglected or taken for granted as Virgos pay attention to their people and make real efforts to build a foundation that lasts despite all odds. Virgo being an earthy sign is resourceful and patient which creates enough room for the Scorpio native to lean on them when times are rough.

Virgo and Scorpio differences

Scorpios are prone to quick bursts of anger when they are frustrated and have held back their discomfort for a long time. They are vindictive and defensive when they smell lies or unacceptable behavior. This vengeful attitude may scare off the sweet Virgo who likes to keep complications at bay, minding their own business as they roll along.

Scorpio natives are dominating and often love to stay in charge. There is a possibility of this causing some clashes as Virgos do not like the idea of investing their time and energy in showering lavish praise or flattery. However, this is not a major breaking point in their friendship as Virgos are cool with taking a backseat as long as it does not tamper with their sense of self. The secretive nature of a Scorpio can cause build up of irritation in a Virgo who isn't too fond of half lies or being in the dark about issues that affect their peace.

Virgo men and women have a major tendency of expecting perfection and order in their friendships too. They are intolerant of mediocrity or unorganized behavior. Virgos could become quite standoffish or cold without a warning as they bottle up their emotions and build high walls around themselves. This may cause a certain degree of misunderstanding early on in their friendship. Picking flaws with a Scorpio male or female and berating them does not bring forth a healthy scenario. Expressing repeated dissatisfaction with a Scorpio may invite trouble as Scorpio natives could get vengeful in no time if respect isn't served.

Virgos may also express disapproval with the wild streak of a Scorpio who loves to live life on the edge. Their obsessive tendencies may drive a Virgo to question their priorities and seriousness in life. As a water sign with fiery elements, Scorpio represents extremities which may take time for a Virgo to adjust to. If they fail to applaud each other and shower some praise for their accomplishments, a feeling of jealousy and competition could sink in which may wreak havoc in their friendship in the long-term.


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