What to Do When a Gemini Man Ignores You?

What to Do When a Gemini Man Ignores You?


Gemini men can be really lost and exhibit their duality when they are making a tough choice in life. If the Gemini guy is not into you, he would desperately seek an escape for good. What does a Gemini man do when he has lost interest in a woman? How does he behave and react when he wants to break up and move on? What does it mean when a Gemini man is ignoring you suddenly, being distant and pulling away?

If your Gemini man ignores you all of a sudden or pushes you away, here is what you should know:

My Gemini man is ignoring me suddenly: What does it mean?

When a Gemini man has lost feelings for you or has fallen out of love, he would treat you casually. You’ll find yourself secluded or left out from his life. He may cheat or may not but he would definitely spend more time with his network of friends just to avoid dealing with the personal mess. He is the kind of guy who hates to deal with high intensity of emotions and likes keeping his space less complicated. When he behaves weirdly or wishes to maintain no contact with you, he is up to something. It's a red flag when the Gemini male stops traveling, seeking fun or making you an important part of his close circle of people he trusts.

When the Gemini man pushes you away, he is disheartened. He does not feel like contributing to your life anymore. He wants to move on with someone or something that he is enthusiastic about. His life may already be complex and he does not want to encourage greater trouble. Your life paths are different and there is no way he sees that they could become intertwined.

You are built differently and therefore, while he respects the difference, he does not wish to take on responsibility at this point and time. His expectations clash with yours and thus, diverting his route is the best possible option available to him. He does not wish to confront you and hurt you with cold statements. Therefore, ignoring your texts is an easy choice over breaking a hurtful news in person.

How to deal with a Gemini man when he becomes distant?

Try to have honest communication. Drop a sincere text or call him up to convince him that you are around. It's imperative that the Gemini man feels your interest to keep the channel of communication open. He is talkative and needs to feel safe while he vents out his frustration.

Let him be alone until he feels the need to return back to you. The men born under the Gemini Zodiac sign are impulsive. They are reckless in making decisions especially when they are hurt.

Hold his attention with activities and shared fun engagements. Plan a short trip to relax and ease out the tension. Go out with him and try to make efforts to change his mind. Be playful and eager to divert his attention from the current disappointment.

Keep your cool despite the brewing bitterness. Gemini men could go hot and cold when their interest fades away. So, gauge his mood well and don't react aggressively no matter how unreasonable he sounds. It's a good idea to let the heat subside on its own rather than pushing his buttons.

My Gemini man stopped texting me: What should I do?

If the Gemini man has started ignoring you, he'll block you or leave your messages unread. This only means that he is dispassionate and does not believe that you are capable of being his life partner. However. If he is treating you casually or playing games with you, it could be fair to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Try acting a bit pricey or busy for sometime so that he does the chase. He needs exclusive people in his life. Just get occupied in your work so that he misses your presence. Spend more time with your friends and loved ones so that he feels the vacuum your absence creates.

Giving your heart away too soon may not go down well with the Gemini man who needs to feel the thrill of the pursuance. Avoid bombarding his message box for he is not concerned about you anymore when he has distanced himself. A change in your behavior could intrigue him and he may come back to you.

If you believe that a miscommunication has caused all the conflict, it's nice to apologize and let him logically figure out the path ahead. He should feel comfortable and confident about the relationship or you'll be dragging it all by yourself.

How do you know when a Gemini man is done with you?

The Gemini man is likely to ghost you when he feels suffocated or turned off. He needs space and freedom. He needs to feel the excitement or else he gets bored quite easily in a routine setup. He is chatty and needs intellectual stimulation. He is a man of creative ideas and brilliant articulation. He is courageous and loves to do things proactively. The Gemini man is known for his spontaneity. He loves life and wants no regrets to sulk about. He is flirty and seductive. Love to the Gemini man knows no boundaries. So, if he is truly passionate, he'll move mountains for his beloved.

When the Gemini man is not into you anymore, he is likely to become less communicative. He'll focus more on his social life without you. You will notice how infrequent his texts are and how less responsive he gets when you initiate a conversation. He will escape when you need him to support you because he is convinced that you are not "the one" for him.

If a Gemini man is not interested in you anymore, he would try and woo someone else. He could be cheating on you and trying to save himself your wrath. He'll lie to you or just bluntly let you know his plans depending on how attached or detached he is with you. He may act sly if he is taking advantage of your niceness. As he is eloquent, he'll trap you in his conversations and leave you blank.

He is not motivated to share his ideas with you nor seek your opinion over things that matter to him. You are no longer his secret keeper for his is suspicious of you. He fears trusting you for you have broken promises or misunderstood him. He'll pull away from you physically. So, sex is either too mechanical or he abstains from it completely. He hates being close to you because you remind him of the betrayal.


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