How to Know if a Gemini Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!

How to Know if a Gemini Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!


Gemini men are flirty and smooth talkers who could manipulate people into giving them whatever they want. They will be neglectful of your needs or act like they don't care the moment their needs are met and they have literally extracted all benefits out of you. Do you suspect your Gemini man to be unfaithful? What are the signs a Gemini man doesn't like you? How to tell if a Gemini man is using you or cheating you?

Here are 10 clear signs a Gemini man playing you and not interested in a serious relationship:

1. He ignores you

His element is the air and he can be quick in moving directions at his whim. If a Gemini man ignores you, is acting distant or pulling away, it's a sign of his loss of interest. He has a carefree attitude and if if he has been using you for personal gains, he will display a callous attitude. He may ghost you and leave you confused about his whereabouts.

Gemini men have a bad reputation for being ignorant of people's sensitivities. Thus, if you notice him paying the least bit of care to converse or behave responsibly around you, it means he is not into you.

2. He wants you for sex only

He is the kind of man who is flamboyant and very expressive about his sexual needs. He won't shy away from adventurous sexual encounters as long it gives him the pleasure that he seeks. He is pretty selfish in bed too.

If he is only tempted to have sexual with you and has no time for other fun activities outside the bedroom, he is detached from you. It's a clear signal that you are just his booty call and not a priority at all.

3. He is absent when you need him

When a Gemini man is in love, he'll chase you. He'll look for a number of ways to showcase his attraction towards you. He'll support you and be there for you at your darkest hours.

However, if the Gemini man is done with you, he will become unavailable and oddly when you seek his help. He will escape and turn a blind eye towards your calls making it amply clear that he is not looking for a meaningful relationship with you.

4. He is mean to you

He seems disaffected by your genuine efforts. He treats you like a toy and leaves you out in the cold whenever he fancies. He is distracted during conversations or seems occupied with other tasks. He could have all the time in the world for his social activities but with you he seems unbothered.

He might also lash out at you and hurl abusive language just to hurt you and leaves you feeling like a doormat. While he may not be physically violent, emotionally he has been tormenting you.

5. He takes favors from you

When a Gemini man is playing with your heart, he would make desperate efforts to make you feel nice. It almost seems so fake that you can feel his superficiality easily.

He makes you pay for his bills or demands that you take care of his expenses. You basically become his cash cow and the moment you deny or express your inability to do so, he gets frustrated and behaves cruelly.

So, when the relationship is a clear give and take of material pleasures, this relationship stands no potential in the long-run.

6. He fails to keep his promises

The man born under the Gemini Zodiac sign has a tendency to forget his promises as excessive communication may cause him to lose track of every little word that he utters. Good communication does not necessarily translate to good listening skills as well.

So, he may stand you up on dates and fail to value your time or show real interest to be sincere with you. He is unapologetic about his laid back attitude and continues to divert your thoughts with sly talks.

7. He has kept you a secret

You are his best kept secret. He meets you at ungodly hours or at places where no one he knows of could catch you guys together. He has never taken you home or made his friends or family meet you. He is unsure of your value in his life. He is extra cautious of all that he shares with you. He keeps you at a distance so that he does not lose control over you.

8. He eyes other women

He is going out with other women who seem to have a romantic inclination towards him. You may also observe him checking out and trying to woo other women, even while you are present. He compares you with them and even criticizes you.

The Gemini guy has a hard time settling down with someone for he may be keen on having multiple relationships or a series of casual dating scenes. Gemini indeed belongs to the Zodiac signs that are the most likely to cheat.

He enjoys the newness and the thrill of having a variety of women on his list. So, if he is openly cheating on you or desires a no-strings-attached relationship, it's a clear sign he does not wish to pursue the relationship with you.

9. He doesn't speak of a future with you

When a Gemini man has found his perfect mate, he will plan a future with her. He wants to share all his thoughts about an ideal life and how he dreams of building a home together.

When the Gemini man is no longer interested or is done with you, he may push you away from time to time. While he needs you for his short term pleasures, you do not fit into his big picture.

10. He doesn't appreciate you

The Gemini male is quite eloquent when he is inspired by or appreciative of someone. He will express his love and creatively figure out ways to show his admiration.

When the Gemini man is cold or quiet, it means he is no longer interested and basically rejecting you. When he truly feels for you, his love for you will be all so evident because this man is quite vocal about his personal life.

A lack of compassion and empathy reveals he is preying on you because of his vested interest with no concern for your beliefs or opinions.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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