10 Signs a Taurus Woman is Cheating on You

10 Signs a Taurus Woman is Cheating on You


The first sign of a cheating Taurus woman usually comes from slight changes in her attitude and the fact that she seems a bit too distracted or disinterested in your life.

But in general, it's pretty hard to detect if a Taurus woman is disloyal.

So, how to know if a Taurus woman is cheating? What sign in her behavior is likely to reveal her infidelity? More generally, are Taurus women loyal in relationships?

As per astrology, here are some secrets revealed about the Taurus woman's personality and a few things you need to know about an unfaithful Taurus woman:

1. Your Taurus woman doesn't showcase affection

The Taurus woman is one of the most affectionate natives of the zodiac. It is not easy for her to fall in love. But, once she does, she is in for the long haul.

Taurus women usually cannot let go easily.

If she chooses to give you a cold shoulder or avoids expressing her love for you, she is triggered. Chances are she is not interested in you anymore.

Taurus women are very loyal. If they withhold their passion and compassion, it is a sign they could be cheating on you.

2. Your Taurus woman is secretive about herself

Taurus women are bold and straightforward. But they do have a mysterious air around them as they don't reveal their cards too soon.

Taurus women will be transparent with their partners once they are committed.

However, if they conceal some truths and keep you guessing, it is definitely a red flag. They could be seeing someone else.

3. Your Taurus woman seems too bored to engage with you

While the women born under the Taurus Zodiac signs aren't too chatty, they like spending quality time with their loved ones. To them, family is a priority.

So, if your Taurus woman doesn't show the excitement to share quality time with you or makes excuses from meeting you, she could be involved with someone else.

4. Your Taurus woman is distracted on her phone

The Taurus woman is an earthy sign. She is grounded and focused when she puts in her efforts into someone.

So, when a Taurus woman diverts herself into not-so-important activities or seems to be spending a long time on her phone, it's a warning!

If she is mostly annoyed at you and is stubbornly stuck to her phone, she may have her eyes on someone else.

5. Your Taurus woman is wants to spend more time alone

Earthy signs are capable of being lonely. They love their own company.

But once committed, they like to involve their partners in all that they do.

If your Taurus woman loves the company of her friend without inviting you along or chooses to be on her own, it's a clear sign she is either not interested in you anymore or she is meeting other potential prospects.

6. Your Taurus woman is never in the mood to compromise

Taurus females are strong-headed. They can be pretty bullish once they've decided to accomplish a goal.

If your Taurus seems to be too hard to please, she may have lost her heart to someone else.

If your Taurus woman seems too difficult or hard to love, she may be acting up to keep you away and turned off.

If she is constantly at war with you or seems disorganized, she might be in love with someone else.

7. Your Taurus woman avoids future talks

The Taurus native is known to be family-oriented. She is keen to build her family with someone she trusts.

If you've been wishing to begin a family with her but she seems hesitant or refuses to walk down the aisle anytime soon, she may be weighing in other possible options.

So, when your Taurus woman ignores talks about the future or settling down with you, she may be into someone else.

8. Your Taurus woman denies you sex

The Taurus woman is a passionate lover. She is quite intense in the matters of the heart and physical intimacy.

To a Taurus woman, sex is primary.

If she is dissatisfied, she may call off the relationship.

If you've recently noticed your Taurus woman being disinterested in having sex with you or refuses to get closer to you, she may have given up on you.

Having sex less and less often is one of the signs that a Taurus woman is done with you.

She could be sexually attracted to another person and isn't interested in sleeping with you.

9. Your Taurus woman has changed her appearance

If you've noticed your Taurus woman paying extra attention to the way she looks, it's a clear sign she may be trying to impress someone else.

She has altered her style or even her fashion choices because she is meeting new people you don't know about.

The Taurus woman is traditional in her fashion statement and if she is changing it drastically, she may be doing it to gain the attention of someone apart from you.

10. Your Taurus woman in unusually unavailable

The Taurus woman is deeply involved in loving relationships. They give it their heart and soul.

If your Taurus woman is not up for meeting you, or has excuses to avoid you, she is up to no good.

It's unusual for a Taurus woman to be out of sight.

When she is unavailable, there is someone else on her mind. She could be investing her time elsewhere than in your company.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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