10 Signs a Virgo Man is Not Into You

10 Signs a Virgo Man is Not Into You


Virgo men may showcase apathy and neglect their partners when they have fallen out of love. How do you know if a Virgo man is playing or using you? If he is not into you? Why do Virgo men push you away? Why do they give you the silent treatment? What are the signs a Virgo man doesn't like you or is not interested in you?

Here is how you can tell if a Virgo man is not in love with you:

1. He demands extra space

A Virgo man usually needs to unwind and remain glued to his comfort zone after a hard day at work. He is mentally exhausted because his sense of perfection doesn't allow him to slack at his workplace. However, if you find him making excuses for more space and he is keeping you at a distance, your Virgo guy is either hiding something or wants you out of his life. It is generally through such subtle signs that a Virgo man expresses himself rather than being harsh or mean.

2. He is cynical

A critical bent of mind can sometimes push a Virgo man to the extremes. He is so involved looking for flaws and problems that he could display a highly pessimistic outlook towards you when he is agitated. Nothing seems to make him happy or satisfied as he continues expressing his dissatisfaction with your efforts or lack of it. So, when your Virgo man is disinterested in you, he will desperately prove to you that you aren't good enough.

3. He is late or unresponsive to calls and texts

The Virgo male is super smart. He is quick and can multitask. When a Virgo man falls madly in love, he could be busy but he does show up for you and maintains contact. If your Virgo man ignores your calls or texts or is recently taking a long time to get back to you or he refuses to explain what kept him occupied, it's a clear sign there is a disconnect brewing in your relationship. He does not want you to know the details of his daily schedule. He makes it clear that you don't mean much to him.

4. He does not plan to see you often

Meeting someone you like should never seem like a forced deal. However, if your Virgo guy postpones meetings or cancels dates at the last minute, he does not value you. He has either taken you for granted or genuinely does not feel the desire to be around you because something has turned him off. Also, when he does meet you, there seems to be something amiss. It either seems like a chore or a formality.

5. He does not express sexual interest

A deep sexual chemistry shows the attraction that a couple feels towards each other. Often a lack of physical intimacy hints at internal discord. When your Virgo man does not initiate sex or reciprocate to your advances, he does not feel the passion to make love to you. While Virgos are not high on emotions, they do love sex as much as any other zodiac sign but if they don't obsess over you, they could hold back their sexual urges and leave you feeling neglected.

6. He is meeting other potential dates

If your Virgo man doesn't find you chase worthy, he will divert his attention towards someone who deserves it more. He is not a disloyal person and would usually make it quite obvious to you that he has someone else in mind. So, when he is making efforts for other potential matches and leaves you out in the cold, no points for guesses, he is not into you. He may be friendly and maintain a cordial relationship with you but if you are just an option among many, then he lacks the seriousness to pursue a long term relationship with you.

7. His body language is closed or guarded

Virgo men are cautious about who they let close to them. They are definitely not loud or prefer wide social circles. They like to keep it low key and believe in quality over quantity. When he is trying to win over someone he secretly likes, he would definitely drop subtle hints in speaking his heart out. His body language is inviting and he tries to get closer to you to show you that he is attracted to you. In case he continues to maintain a distance, he is definitely not in love with you.

8. He does not pay attention to your needs

A Virgo man is one of the kindest and most generous of all zodiac signs. They are selfless givers. While they struggle to express themselves emotionally, they compensate in their actions and sincere efforts to be responsible with the person they love. If your voice goes unheard and he seems quite unmoved by your efforts to make things work, it is likely that your Virgo man is done with you.

9. He is passive aggressive

He has a tendency to bottle up his emotions. He gets defensive in order to prove your wrong. Silent treatment is his way to go when he wishes to avoid a conversation with you. He loves blaming you but avoids addressing the elephant in the room. While a Virgo man is generally communicative, if he is exclusively avoiding an interaction with you, he is turned off.

10. He has never discussed a future with you

Only a Virgo man with a plan has deep love and regards for you. He values you and wants to build a dream life with you. He would explicitly mention his dreams and goals to you. And most importantly, he wants you to be a part of it when he has fallen head over heels in love with you. It goes without saying that when a Virgo man cautiously avoids defining the path with you. This means that you and him are not on the same page with regards to the values about how your future looks like or how you like it to be.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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