What is the Taurus Man's Ideal Woman?

What is the Taurus Man's Ideal Woman?


Taurus men are passionately determined lovers who would make mountains move when they fall in love with someone. Who is the Taurus man's best match and which Zodiac signs are compatible with the Taurus man? What does he want in a relationship? Who are Taurus natives attracted to? What personality traits a Taurus man doesn't like in a woman and what do Taurus guys like in a woman?

Here is what astrology can reveal about the Taurus man's ideal partner!

What does a Taurus man look for in a woman?

The Taurus man will marry a strong and ambitious woman who has a clear view of her goals in life and is actively working to pursue her dreams.

He needs to feel the physical attraction and chemistry with his partner to engage in a profound sexual relationship. While he may not be too keen on new experiments, he appreciates creativity in bed.

He looks for a woman who has clear goals and priorities in life. He also likes women who have a bit of a mysterious side and only reveal themselves in small doses. Possessive women also attract him.

Taurus man likes and dislikes in a woman

The Taurus man likes his woman passionate and intense. He desires loyalty that's one of a kind, a love that's devoted and generously giving. Taurus men are hardworking and patient. They have little tolerance for people who threaten their stability or inner peace.

The Taurus man does not give up on his partner easily. But if he is lied to or taken advantage of, he will show his feelings in a fit of anger.

He wants a woman who is intelligent, action-oriented and respects him for who he is. He needs someone with whom he can build his life and start a family safely.

The Taurus male is not for the faint hearted. So, his ideal woman needs to be equally powerful, bold and courageous to support him and understand his emotional needs.

What does a Taurus man like in women of different zodiac signs?

Taurus man compatibility with Aries woman

This couple is considered a good match in terms of their sexual compatibility. Venus and Mars combination is usually a fatal attraction that they'll struggle to ignore. However, the Aries woman's impulsiveness and aggression can irritate the patient bull who expects stability and reliability in a partner.

Taurus man compatibility with Taurus woman

Both natives belonging to the same signs have a reasonably good understanding of each other's needs and expectations from the relationship. They are grounded and prioritize their families and relationship which makes them committed and loyal to the bond they share.

Taurus man compatibility with Gemini woman

The Gemini woman being an air sign is intellectual, sharp and witty. While they may get along as friends for a while, a long lasting relationship may not be on the cards as the duality of the Gemini woman can birth trust issues in the relationship.

Taurus man compatibility with Cancer woman

The Taurus man may feel a slow emotional connection brewing with the Cancer woman as time goes by. They are graceful and tender on the inside and naturally creativity and romance is the highlight of the relationship. Both of them place high regard to their personal space and with each being quite sensitive they can nurture and make the attraction last for a long time.

Taurus man compatibility with Leo woman

The Taurus man and Leo woman can have a good time together as long as they respect each other's differences and stay loyal to the tee. The Sun ruled Leo is pompous, boastful and proud and this could cause a rift in the long run as their egos clash and expectations blow over the rooftops. This relationship demands great efforts and could be draining eventually.

Taurus man compatibility with Virgo woman

The shy Virgo woman and the gentle Taurus man have a beautiful relationship as they share similar values in life. Both are earthy signs who are hardworking and resourceful. Money drives these natives and also its conservation. As long as Virgo can tone down their desperation for perfection they are quite compatible in a relationship.

Taurus man compatibility with Libra woman

As Venus ruled signs, they are quite a creative couple. Beauty, arts and all things fine naturally attract them. They are both physically compatible, their sexual fantasies too strong to keep their hands off each other. However, the relationship comes with compromises as the airy sign does have a tendency to get bored of routine and looks for pleasure in her social life.

Taurus man compatibility with Scorpio woman

This is the best match for a long lasting marriage. Opposites who share a magnetic attraction towards each other and a bond so deep that satiates their emotional and physical thirst. Very sexual signs, both Taurus and Scorpio have an innate desire to explore each other and stay committed and loyal as they truly are a match made in heaven.

Taurus man compatibility with Sagittarius woman

This relationship comes with major challenges in case they decide to get into a stable relationship. While casual sexual affairs can be delightfully good, the drive for unrestrained freedom can be a challenge to the need for dependability of the Taurus man. A light hearted no strings attached could be an ideal scene between a Taurus man and Sagittarius woman.

Taurus man compatibility with Capricorn woman

Attraction between these Zodiac signs is built to last a lifetime as it is calculated and based on deep respect and admiration for the ambitions they have in life. Both support each other's goals and can depend on one another to motivate and fuel their dreams. However, if Capricorn can make time for play, it will infuse more fun and joy into the relationship.

Taurus man compatibility with Aquarius woman

The unpredictable nature of the Aquarius woman can trigger negative emotions in the Taurus man who may feel insecure due to her eccentricity and rebellious nature. However, they will have a good time in bed as the creativity of the Aquarius woman is certainly a change and move from the routine that a Taurus man finds himself caught in.

Taurus man compatibility with Pisces woman

Pisces is a sign where Venus is exalted, meaning the most comfortable and happiest. The compassionate and generous nature of the Pisces woman makes her an asset to the Taurus man who takes pleasure and pride in her selflessness and kindness. She is a giver and her ultimate expression of love is spirituality. As long as the Taurus man preserves her trust, she will fill him with pure love.


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