How to Make a Taurus Woman Jealous?

How to Make a Taurus Woman Jealous?


The Taurus woman is generally cool and reserved in her relationships because she is slow to fall in love. Naturally, she believes in her choice of a partner and would never go green with jealousy without sufficient reasons to support her possessive tendencies. How to make a Taurus woman jealous? How does she behave when she feels hurt and vulnerable? Will she try to make you jealous? Can you win over a Taurus woman by making her jealous after a breakup?

Here is what astrology has to say to make a Taurus woman jealous and how jealousy can impact the relationship.

Are Taurus women jealous and possessive?

The women born under the Taurus Zodiac sign place high importance to loyalty and integrity. If there is any sign that's totally averse to cheating or infidelity, Taurus has a place quite high on the list, if not the first. They are sweet, kind and gentle on the face as long as their interests are not questioned, challenged or tampered with. If they smell deceit, lies and scandals, they could leave their partner for good and never allow any room for a comeback.

Taurus women have a tendency of nurturing, caring and protecting their accumulated assets. They attach great sentiments to their families and loved ones. They need stability and reliability in a partner to be deeply in love with them or chase them. She is passionate, loving and protective of her partner. They are slow to get involved with someone in a relationship, but once they do, they are in for eternity. Commitment is a serious affair for the Taurus woman and there is no way she could allow her emotions to be played with.

What makes the Taurus woman jealous?

The Taurus woman is sensitive. She is rarely vulnerable with someone unless she trusts him with all heart. She needs to feel a sense of belonging in a relationship or it could spoil her mood and fill her with rage. She is territorial and competitive only when she needs to secure her space or guard someone she is attached to.

As a Venus ruled sign, she has an acute understanding and sense of beauty. What she sees is the first thing that could set off her temper. So, when the Taurus woman comes across someone better looking or with a better taste of fashion it could make her feel that she is not good enough.

She will show signs of jealousy in her behavior. If the Taurus woman has been struggling to make it ‘big’ in life or to make ends meet, she will go green with jealousy in the company of someone relatively more successful and accomplished. She has an ego that's hard to tame if she distrusts someone. She is born with good looks and would be able to taste luxury from time to time.

The Taurus woman can control her emotions because she likes to think practically. When a Taurus woman is hurt, she can conceal her pain and pretend like she was unaffected. If she is blessed with an optimistic bent of mind, you’ll be surprised to see how beautifully she’ll channel her anger into something productive and materially satisfying, if not emotionally.

How the Taurus woman shows jealousy?

The Taurus woman may stop communicating, when she no longer feels excited about a partner who makes her feel insecure or threatened. She is a reserved personality and values traditional modes of conducting her life and if you think she’ll give into reckless behavior or scandalous conduct, you must think again.

She’ll cut you off and go into a no-contact phase. She could also block you on calls, texts and social media if your Taurus woman is done with you. Understand that the Taurus female is patient and slow to react but once she makes a decision, she will stick to it firmly. Even if you try and speak with her in person, she’ll avoid you like it's nobody's business.

She stops displaying romantic gestures. The Taurus woman is sensual and loves the physical pleasures of life. When the Taurus woman is in love, she’ll make real efforts to express what she feels. Touch is important to her and it's a major sign that a Taurus woman is interested in you when she comes in close contact with you or allows you into her comfort zone. When she is clearly keeping you at a distance and refraining from reciprocating to your sexual advances, she is bothered and is suffering from a loss of faith.

Making a Taurus woman jealous after a breakup: Will it make her come back?

The Taurus woman can be aggressive and quick-tempered. She could display a violent outburst of emotions when she gets possessive or jealous but it is also a fact that her anger is quick to subside. She cannot hold on to negative emotions too long and this means there is enough hope that she will return once she is pacified, consoled or apologized to.

Stay as honest as possible with your Taurus woman to keep her happy and content in a relationship. If she has broken up with you, give it sometime. She cannot let go easily and if she was the one at fault, she would realize that sooner or later. The core of a Taurus woman is tender and despite the fact that he is practical in her day-to-day life, she is emotional and has deep-seated feelings when she gives her heart away.

The Taurus woman is devoted and her sense of sacrifice is stunningly praise-worthy when she calls someone family. It's good to avoid taking the tit-for-tat route to get the Taurus woman back by making her jealous after a breakup. It could further instigate or provoke her to stay away from you in an effort to keep chaos away. She is never tolerant of flings or casual relationships and if you engage in something as temporary as that or find a rebound to make her jealous, it may not go down well with her.


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