How Does a Virgo Man Express Love?

How Does a Virgo Man Express Love?


Virgo men pay attention to every detail about a woman they admire. They are generous and kind, never pretentious or cheesy. How do you know if a Virgo man likes you more than a friend? How to know if he is interested in you and serious about the relationship? How do Virgo men chase someone they like? So, how does a Virgo man express love and express his feelings?

Here are some undeniable signs you should notice when a Virgo man is falling in love with you:

How does the Virgo man act when he is in love?

Virgos long for love that's pure and sans the complications. They take note of everything you say, noticing things that most don't. They are highly aware of what they expect from a commitment and this causes them to look for perfection even in their love lives.

When a Virgo man is interested, he will dominate. They do not waste time engaging in mindless dates that lead nowhere when someone has clearly displayed red flags. They have their attention neatly organized and will only distribute their energies where it is deserved.

One has to earn their plan in a Virgo man's heart. They will try and find someone who replicates their habits. Virgo men will show you what a man with a plan looks like. He will create itineraries and plan regular dates with you.

It's in the nature of a Virgo male to bring his girl flowers that she likes, buy her food, drop her home and kiss her forehead. They aren't overly clingy or mushy but their love language is pure and free from crass shows.

He'll talk to you about his day and the problems or accomplishments at his workplace. He would also discuss his future with you and chalk in absolute terms what he expects from the relationship.

How does a Virgo man test a woman?

The Virgo man loves a good conversation. They order being around someone who can hold a conversation around their common areas of interest. A Virgo man finds a smart woman more attractive than an average mind with good looks.

It's all about seducing a Virgo's brain first before anything else. He is in love with ideas and out-of-the box thinking. He wants to learn and grow with the woman he thinks he deserves which makes him so picky and demanding of a sharp brain with a sensitive heart. The secret to attracting a Virgo man is by seducing his mind.

He will test a woman's mind. He will ask all the questions that give him a clear glimpse of how she thinks. The mercurial Virgo needs to ensure that she is witty and built of substance. She can hold her stead and drive home her ideas and be assertive when she needs to be.

Basically he is looking for a loud mind but a heart of gold. He will also look for reciprocity. Can she be articulate? Can she make efforts for him just the way he is capable of when he loves someone? Is she a free rider of someone he can lean on and expect to be treated with kindness and empathy?

What does it mean when a Virgo man kisses you?

It takes a great deal of assurance for the Virgo male to get close to someone. Unless he is absolutely sure that he desires someone, he can restrain himself. He needs to be wooed mentally. He needs to be mind blown by a woman's originality and world view.

When he kisses you, it means a lot to him. It means he wants to explore your body. It means that he is impressed by who you are and he wants to make the right moves to show you he is interested in building deep intimacy with you.

It's a clear, obvious sign of his interest. He is craving to touch you and to show that he is physically attracted to you. He wants to take this bond to the next level as he is clearly interested to know how your body responds to his touches.

How does he flirt with the woman he likes?

Virgos are not the typical flirts. They do not throw themselves on anyone nor do they believe in screaming to the whole world the affection they harbor for you. You'll have to observe carefully to understand if they really consider you worthy.

As earth signs, their gestures and actions speak volumes. Although mercurial, Virgo men are not fluent in emotional expressions. So, they may seem uptight but they will compliment you sincerely.

They might try to get closer to you and act territorial to show they are serious about you. He may get you a thoughtful gift depending on what he has understood about your preferences. He is mindful of being slow but building a solid relationship that lasts. So, Virgos will be slow, serious but very open to your advances when they show their desire to pursue you.

How does the Virgo man fall in love?

The man born under the Virgo Zodiac sign is critical and a perfectionist. He doesn't settle for anything average. The Virgo man likes a woman who makes him feel comfortable and free from the pressure of being a perfectionist. He falls in love with excessive prudence. He will measure, calculate and analyze everything that the woman of his interest says or does before he makes a concrete plan to commit to her.

It is important to mention here that Virgo men and women sometimes take forever to fall in love because of their critical nature. They may go into a negative self talk imagining all possible things that could go wrong. So, Virgos are over-thinkers which causes them to fall in love slowly and with caution.

When a Virgo man falls for someone, he will still hold back from being vulnerable unless a strong trust is established. He will be dependable, loyal and predictable with people he loves. He will take care of them and spoil them with his sincerity and unquestionable commitment.

Love is serious for a Virgo man. He is the last one to play mind games and confuse his love interest. He is clear and will come up with solid terms of what it is to love him. He won't shower you with mindless gifts or dates but ensure that every moment he spends with you is memorable and builds value.


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