How to Make a Virgo Woman Jealous?

How to Make a Virgo Woman Jealous?


Virgo women hide their emotional upheavals behind a shy and composed veil. Once triggered, they could throw away random outbursts. What makes a Virgo woman jealous? How do Virgos act jealous? Are Virgo women jealous? How do Virgos react when hurt or angered?

Here is what you would know when a Virgo woman is jealous and the ways they deal with jealousy:

Are Virgo women jealous and possessive?

Virgo women are needy in love. Although they can wonderfully pretend to be independent and unbothered, they get affected when their partner doesn't pay attention to what they say or do. So, Virgo women can be a complicated lot to comprehend as there is a constant tussle of personalities being ruled by the planet Mercury. They are easily irritated and restless when they are fearful of their partner moving astray and leaving them out in the cold.

Virgos imagine the worst. As an intellectual sign, unlike other Zodiac signs, Virgo women would repeatedly play different catastrophic situations in their head and get worked up when they are suspicious of their partner's whereabouts.

As an earth sign, Virgo women are protective of what they create and own. If the Virgo woman is ignored, neglected or she feels unheard, she will be upset. She could be a control freak in her emotional dealings as well which causes her to become territorial and intolerant of being taken for granted.

What makes the Virgo woman jealous?

A Virgo woman needs to feel secure in her relationships or she may breakup. She needs to be reassured that her lover is devoted to her. As an observant person, she is quick to notice the littlest changes in his passion or investment in her. The ideal man of a Virgo woman is kind, generous, patient and dependable.

If your Virgo woman is apprehensive of what could go wrong and goes critical in the blink of an eye, she will be profoundly jealous and possessive. She is slow to fall in love and needs to feel respected and honored. When she finds the man of her dreams, she will be worried if he will leave her or become flaky. If she fails to notice the consistency In her partner, she would get disillusioned by his love and change her course.

When a Virgo woman is dating, she might be disregarding and dismissive of her partner who tries to test her patience and makes her jealous. She will dislike a man who tries to steal the attention of the opposite sex and acts like a desperate flirt. Being a critical personality, the Virgo female struggles with her emotions. Her envious tendencies reflect in her pessimistic behavior.

If your Virgo woman is compared with your exes, it will make her revolt. If a Virgo woman notices unwarranted changes in her partner's conduct or senses some flatness, she would immediately conclude that he may have lost interest. This causes her to start acting irritated, controlling and hyper sensitive.

How the Virgo woman shows jealousy?

The women born under the Virgo Zodiac sign are not emotional. They cannot express themselves as they are unsure if someone deserves to see their vulnerability lest they be devalued or taken for granted. So, she may either suffer in silence and find ways to get busy with work to mask her pain or hurt when her partner is entertaining other women or vying for their attention.

If your Virgo woman has been holding on to her emotions for quite some time, she may lash out using mean or curt statements. She may also use the opportunity to make her partner feel bad by pointing out her sacrifices and efforts in return for his irresponsible behavior. The Virgo woman needs to be around a reliable guy. If his motives are unknown or his behavior unpredictable, she might feel closed off and withdrawn from her lover.

If you notice your Virgo woman asking you too many questions and seems anxious, she is worked up about someone trying to get close to you or vice versa. Virgo women will never let out what's in their heart easily. They won't even make a scene when they catch someone trying to get close to their loved one. They might just retreat in their cocoon and start self-deprecating to the point of a meltdown.

Being highly guarded and cold is a typical Virgo behavior when things go against their plans. As a shy character, they won't ever boldly make a public show of their jealousy but a passive-aggressive tendency should alarm her partner that she is annoyed or upset about him eyeing other women or his flirtatious behavior that screams for attention of the opposite sex.

Making a Virgo woman jealous after a breakup: Will it make her come back?

If you plan to make your Virgo woman jealous to test her love for you, you might just be successful because she does feel territorial about the man she loves. However, a breakup can crush a Virgo woman's dignity and confidence and make her feel unwanted. She could get stuck in negative self-talk and become doubtful of whether she deserves to be in love. If she loathes the manner in which the breakup transpired, she may not care anymore.

The Virgo women do have a tendency of going back to the exes as they find it so hard to let go and move on. That being said, she is deeply concerned about her self respect and would never stoop low to tarnish her hard earned image. She could spend a lot of her energy drawing logical conclusions to justify her thoughts.

She will take her person back only if she is convinced that her jealousy is unfounded and he was only being playful and teasing her. However, if she he concert facts to prove that she was betrayed and her partner took it to the extreme of having inappropriate sex with another woman to make her furious, it's a bad idea. The Virgo woman will never pardon or take back a man who is disloyal or wildly promiscuous.


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