Why are Sagittarius so Hard to Love? 7 Reasons

Why are Sagittarius so Hard to Love? 7 Reasons


Sagittarius natives of the Zodiac have peculiar personality traits that make them so hard to date. Call it their impulsivity or inability to stick through their promises, they live life on the edge which could cause discomfort to a partner in love. So, what are the weaknesses of the Sagittarius Zodiac sign that makes them so difficult? Why is it a challenge to love a Sagittarius? Why are Sagittarius so hard to love?

Here are 7 things you should be aware of about a Sagittarius according to astrology before you commit to a relationship with them:

1. Sagittarius are so emotional

Sagittarius are equally emotional as the other signs of the Zodiac but their emotions reflect in a different way.

They would never make it so obvious to the whole world that they are deeply pained despite the fact that their world is shattered and they do not make sense of it anymore. What makes it more difficult around a Sagittarius male or female is the unpredictability of how they emote themselves.

They'll take all troubles on themselves and leave without a violent show of emotions. They feel so much when they fall in love but once they feel used, they'll react silently bearing the hurt just to ensure it does not spill on to those who they are deeply about.

2. Sagittarius are so stubborn

As a fire sign, Sagittarius natives are too direct or straightforward. It's all or nothing for them and being action-oriented, they will follow their heart wherever it takes them. Once they decide, they'll firmly stick to their resolve.

They are extroverted but when challenges strike, they will conceal their emotions and distance themselves which makes them so hard to understand. A Sagittarius man would give his all when he wants to accomplish something and this rings true for times when he is turned off by someone's misdoings.

He won't waste time dragging a situation that doesn't work to his benefit. Rather, he would try and look for the easiest ways out of a messy setup he finds himself stuck in. Thus, even though Sagittarius may not be the most stubborn of the Zodiac signs, when his or her priorities or high ideals are affected, they could show an usual sense of stubbornness.

3. Sagittarius are misunderstood

Sagittarius men and women are brutally honest individuals who like keeping their lives simple.

They bask in the simple pleasures of life and would dedicate themselves to seeking knowledge for their entire lives. Spirituality is a strong area of interest for the Sagittarius Zodiac sign.

However, their free-spirited nature could often drive them into reckless activities and unpredictable behavior that's disturbing for someone who believes in planning and conducting a rule bound life.

4. Sagittarius are also secretive

Sagittarius have a wild streak that they like to keep to themselves in the fear of being judged.

They have no intention of hurting people but they love their freedom too much to give it up to make others happy. They are prone to engaging themselves in pleasure seeking activities and Sagittarius men have a notorious reputation for being disloyal, highly indulgent in multiple sexual relationships or even drug abuse as an escape mechanism from the drudgery of life.

It's a struggle for them to accept a settled life unless they are truly convinced about the merits of it. So, this battle of convincing a Sagittarius man or woman can easily take a toll on a lover who believes in monogamy or prefers raising a family with a Sagittarius native.

5. Sagittarius are afraid of commitment

Sagittarius can be called the nomads of the Zodiac. They'll move from place to place with no cares whatsoever.

Though it's wrong to call them irresponsible, they hate the idea of being tied down and following a routine. What excites a Sagittarius the most is the uncertainty and adventures they almost find themselves running into from time to time. They love the thrill of passion running wild and unrestrained freedom.

Therefore, being with a single partner for a long time may not strike them at least in the first part of their life. They would wish to explore the best around them and until then they are perfectly capable of leading a life of single hood.

6. Sagittarius are so annoying

The men and women born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign are quite idealistic in life. However this idealism can fade away when they find themselves in uncomfortable situations.

They want their sense of peace and comfort and this could mean they may become careless about the expectations of others. This detachment invites troubles for them and also for those who are in their company.

They could be branded as conveniently optimistic and selfish to maintain their image of an uber cool personality. Brilliant escapists, the Sagittarius loves the idea of experiencing something new each day projecting a loud personality trait that may be difficult to handle for a calmer partner.

7. Sagittarius are also impatient

It's a pain to manage a relationship when the Sagittarius man or woman projects an impatient character.

They cannot handle the pressures of a stable relationship and may be insincere or in the worst-case scenario a Sagittarius man could be playing with you. So, ghosting is an option that could naturally come to their minds when they are disenchanted by their partner.

As a mutable fire sign, they are quick to adapt but uncomfortable circumstances could drive them to run away. They are restless and often unmotivated to pursue anything for a very long time.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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