Why are Virgos so Attractive?

Why are Virgos so Attractive?


The Virgo Zodiac sign is a practical personality with a systematic and orderly approach to life. Virgo men and women are prone to being overly critical of everything around them so you could always count on them to come up with the best. So, what makes a Virgo so desirable and loved? What unique personality traits make Virgos so special? Why is Virgo the best zodiac sign?

Here are five reasons that explain why Virgos are so attractive, powerful and charismatic!

1. Virgos are naturally pretty

The Virgin of the zodiac, the Virgo woman is soft and beautiful on the outside. Symbolized by the maiden, Virgos are born with soft features and a sexy curvy body.

The Virgo female is blessed with a naturally radiant skin and has a youthful appearance with mercury as her ruling planet. She has a delicate appeal and it's her mind that reflects itself on the skin which makes her all the more alluring and attractive.

It is her innocence which makes it so compelling for the opposite sex to be curious of who she is or what she is all about.

2. Virgos are fun to be around

Virgo women will seem so shy that it could be intimidating to get closer to them. However, they have a fun-loving and jovial side to their character. They could have a great sense of humor and possess the talent of mimicry. However, with a stricter bent of personality, they save it all for those they call their own.

They could be interested in all activities that involve technology such as gaming or those that require good analytical skills such as chess, monopoly or scrabble. Not too outdoorsy, they love the comfort of known spaces but engage in intellectual conversations and games that make them showcase their smartness.

3. Virgos are emotionally distant

Virgos have difficulty expressing their emotions. They are too practical to make sense of complex emotions or even reciprocate in a manner other signs would. This unavailability of emotions makes them attractive to those who love the chase.

Virgos are nonetheless lovable for their commitment in their relationship. They do feel a lot but struggle to show it. They believe in acting on their feelings and hence, prefer showing it in their concrete gestures.

They want to build stability and work hard and meticulously to make ends meet. This makes them all the more dependable and reliable and hence, worthy to the opposite sex.

4. Virgos pay great attention to their appearance

As the astrological sign that deals with health and diseases, Virgos are careful about what they put in their mouths and the lifestyle they lead.

They are real perfectionists. Virgo women expect their partners to pay attention and take good care of themselves. In fact you may notice an OCD that they struggle with.

They are neat and carefully organized. They'll stun you with how perfectly dressed and presentable they look every single time you meet them.

Simplicity is what defines who they are and the grace they exude through their choice of clothing is reflective of their soft and attractive personality.

5. Virgos are very smart and successful

Virgo men and women are goal-oriented. They derive their value by achieving their aims in life and that's all they really care about being earthy resourceful signs. They work hard and are able to make great progress in their lives just by their sheer focus.

Virgos are strong and focused. Their definition of success has a lot to do with material gains. Unless they feel financially stable, they would struggle to find any meaning to their lives.

They are service-oriented. They could be actively working for people selflessly in their professional area. As a mercury ruled Zodiac sign, they are smart and articulate. So, their communicative abilities is a talent they will use to move up the ladder of success.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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