The Dark Side of an Aquarius Man in a Relationship

The Dark Side of an Aquarius Man in a Relationship


Aquarius men are eccentric and unpredictable. On the dark side, they can test the patience of their partner with their casual and paradoxical nature. How does an Aquarius man behave when he is disinterested and not in love anymore? What are the bad, negative personality traits of the Aquarius man that impact his relationships? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Aquarius man when he is committed?

Let's explore the dark side of the Aquarius man according to astrology when he is serious about a romantic connection:

1. The Aquarius man may lack compassion

The Aquarius man may feel distant from people he loves quite often as he detaches himself easily. Excessively emotional partners can overwhelm him and cause him to become uncomfortable. He may need a long time to express his love, care and compassion towards his partner. This does not mean that the Aquarius man does not feel at all, but he might just be slow to respond to your romantic advances at a pace that you may expect him to.

2. He is flirty

The Aquarius male has a big social circle. He is quick at making new connections and engaging with people in intellectual conversations. He does not like being stagnated or drained by the same routine in his daily life. Something new and unexplored keeps him thrilled and excited. He may seek company and hang out casually without making any concrete plans with anyone. When the Aquarius man is not into you anymore, he'll try to charm the opposite sex. This may not augur well for the relationship and this kind of distraction may cause lack of trust and dishonesty to brew slowly.

3. He is self-absorbed

The coldness and arrogant temperament of the Aquarius man can make him mean and selfish. He could be disregarding his partners emotions and fail to pay attention to their needs or requirements within the partnership. As his way of looking at life and dealing with other people is unique and defies most socially acceptable ideas of normal behavior, it is hard to understand or predict his ways. This perpetuates confusion and lack of understanding among partners.

4. He is pessimistic

The Aquarius man has difficulty being boxed or asked to conform to rules that they do not agree with. They are quite critical of what the majority thinks and always project their rebellious tendencies, sometimes just for the sake of it. He is usually intolerant of divergent views and therefore, his partner often feels left out or taken for granted by him. Superiority complex may take over and alienate his partner.

5. He does not keep his promises

The social man born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign may have multiple engagements throughout the day. He may struggle keeping up with his plans. If he is not staying true to his words, it's a sign the Aquarius man is using you or playing with you. As air signs, they are capable of manipulating people and forcing their decisions on them with a careful play of words. This is a toxic personality trait of the Aquarius man that can sour the relationship over time.

6. He lacks stability

There happens to be a lack of commitment and the necessary will to brand or tag the bond you share with him. Sometimes it may also feel that he is rushing with the whole deal which could make his emotions seem false or questionable. He is too scared to do things the “normal” way and might feel that it ruins the mystery in the relationship. However, driven too far, he might bail out on his responsibilities in the name of personal space and independent thinking.

7. He relies heavily on logic

Reason and logic drive the man born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign. He needs his facts right before he can get serious about someone. As his emotional expressions are limited, he may never be able to fathom how a sensitive partner may react or perceive a situation differently than him. This robotic conduct can be a turn off as it kills the passion and chemistry in most circumstances. He could be easily misunderstood as someone who does not form deep connections and cannot be relied upon in long-term partnerships.

8. He is intolerant to opposing views

Once the Aquarian male is stuck on his beliefs it is hard to make him budge. He will follow through his convictions and unless he feels motivated to accommodate your opinions, he won't care about it. This means that you may go unheard and he makes you feel less important of undeserving of him. While they seem pretty cool about how others think and make a great show of how open-minded they are, in their personal space, it may not hold true. This makes them a hypocrite who cannot be expected to share power.

9. He avoids deep intimacy

The Aquarius man shows no emotions when he is done with you. They'll never dig deep into your life or try to create a meaningful connection. In fact, they would feel lucky enough to be around a potential match who is chilled and does not come off heavy on emotions. If you are looking for a soulful connection with a partner, the Aquarius man may not qualify among the top contenders for the spot. He'll run away the moment he senses any form of attachment that kills his wild-spirit or takes his freedom away.

10. He would never want to settle down

As long as the Aquarius man is spending a good time with you without strings attached, you are his best buddy. Concepts like friends with benefits greatly serve his purpose for he would prefer keeping things very simple between his partner and him. Such a nomadic life helps him alienate himself from everyone else who would try and impress their rights upon him. So, if marriage is an idea that you deeply revere or value, you may clash with the Aquarius man or it might take a great deal of convincing to make him say ‘yes' to courtship.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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