10 Signs a Sagittarius Man is Not Into You

10 Signs a Sagittarius Man is Not Into You


The Sagittarius man is a warrior, an adventurous lover and a passionate seeker of knowledge. Loving a Sagittarius man will come with its own set of challenges given his expansive tendencies and love for unrestricted freedom. Is your Sagittarius man getting cold and distant? What are the signs he wants to break up with you? How to know when a Sagittarius man is not interested in you or done with you?

Here are 10 clear or more sublte signs that will tell you if a Sagittarius man is not into you:

1. He does not contact you

The Sagittarius man is never going to linger around someone who he fails to trust. He'll leave you out in the cold once he is convinced that he does not feel the same way towards you. When the Sagittarius guy stops talking to you or texting you, he is withdrawing himself for good.

He loves to live life fuss-free and won't entertain anyone who disturbs his peace and adds pressure to his life. He does not wish to process complex emotions which curtail his freedom. So, he'll prefer going no-contact or just ghost you to clarify his intentions for you.

2. He is flirting with other women

When a Sagittarius man ignores you, he would never sulk and spend his days crying endlessly until things get better between you and him. He'll be on the lookout for someone better and interesting, someone who would pique his curiosity and understand his way of his life or his expectations from a relationship. He'll be making new contacts, charming women and chasing them until he finds someone who fits his idea of an ideal match.

3. He'll hide his feelings

Extremely optimistic and idealistic, the man born under the Sagittarius Zodiac sign barely has the time to drown himself in negative chatter. He has a cool disposition towards life in general and is looking for satiating his thirst for higher knowledge.

Of course, he gets hurt when people are dishonest with him or cheat on him but he would try and conceal his emotions so as to avoid being perceived as weak and vulnerable. He is brave, fiery and high-spirited and thus, he'll showcase some coldness towards you when he is done with you.

4. He may hurt you with unkind words

The Sagittarius male has a way with words. He is blunt and straightforward. When he is irritated or dejected, he won't mince his words. He'll make sure you go through hell if you have toyed with his emotions.

Also, if you try and control him, or force yourself on him, he'll be rough and rude to you. You may think he is heartless and insensitive but when you a Sagittarius man gives up on you, he'll act like you never existed in his life.

5. He has replaced you

He has someone else in his life now whom he cares about. He does not wish to confront you or aggravate the problems with you but has clarified his stance of having moved on with this new partner.

If you were caught cheating on him, rest assured he is never coming back. This guy is quite forgiving and a generous man as long as you maintain transparency in your relationship with him. If he smells deceit and lies, he'll take no time to find someone better.

6. He does not support you

Knowledgeable and forever on a quest to unravel the true meaning of life, the Sagittarius man wants to be a guide to those he deeply cares about. If you notice the Sagittarius guy you are trying to pursue being of no help or taking no active interest in your life, you should know he has lost interest in you.

He does not wish to know you or promise his presence when you need him the most. So, he starves you off his support and gets irritated when you make efforts to draw him in.

7. He demands more space

When your Sagittarius man demands more space and frequently goes away from you without informing, he is trying to push you away. While they are usually quite detached and prefer leading their lives independently without interference, this could be further more of a rebellious streak when they need to impress upon you their lack of love or feelings for you. He wants to be left alone without being bothered by you or could be happily intermingling with friends and associates but turns red in anger when you get into the picture.

8. He keeps you at a distance

He does want to share his life with you. He has clarified his inability to be responsible for you to publicly or accept that you are "his girl". He will not be aggressive with you unless you have offended him so deeply that he cannot tolerate anymore.

He is usually an optimistic person who can turn around the most negative conversations into a positive one with funny jokes and sarcasm. If he shies away from having any romantic inclination towards you, he may not really consider you his ideal match.

9. He does not crave for intimacy

Sagittarius men are wild, bold, hot and sexy. They are charismatic and attractive especially because of their intellect. When he does not feel sexually attracted to you or does not draw you closer to him, it's a sign he is not really into you. He does not want to touch you or build a sexual tension with you. This is a definite indicator of his loss of passion for you and thus, a real sign that the Sagittarius man does not long for you.

10. He is on a new adventure without you

He has made a plan to hop on to a thrilling adventure without you. He wants to go solo or with his friends but not you. The Sagittarius man looks for women who can make him wonder about the possibilities that lie ahead and who wish to explore the world with him.

He would be actively making plans with her to enrich his own experiences and use the time to know each other better. However, when the Sagittarius man is hesitant to have you on a trip with him, it could be a red flag that he does not consider you a potential mate.


Maria Alifa

Maria Alifa


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