How Does a Taurus Man Feel After a Breakup?

How Does a Taurus Man Feel After a Breakup?


The Taurus man is a sensitive lover, no matter how tough he may seem on the outside. He is a private person and when upset, he may become silent refusing to discuss what's on his mind. How does a Taurus man feel after a breakup and how does he deal with heartbreaks? Will a Taurus man move on easily? Can he let go or will he want to come back? Does he forgive easily?

Here are a few tips and advice about the Taurus man's personality and psychology when he is sad or heartbroken:

Can a Taurus man let go?

It is quite a difficult task for the Taurus man to give up on their partner even when the times are rough and challenging.

They are in for the long haul. So, they'll struggle to make peace with the fact that their partner left them or they have to break ties with them for any reason whatsoever. They invest so much of their time and energy in being there for their partner and supporting them that letting go of a relationship is a heavy burden that they would have a hard time coming to terms with.

Taurus men are deep lovers. They take it slow but once they are committed they could kill for their partners. They want stability and will work hard to make sure their partner enjoys the comforts and luxuries of life. They will feel stuck despite the fact that the relationship no longer exists. As earthy signs are quite stubborn, the Taurus will have a tumultuous time letting go if they were madly in love with their partner.

If the Taurus man feels disrespected or neglected, he will get out of the relationship soon. He is high on self-esteem and needs to feel valued in his partnerships. He needs the devotion and dedication of his lover and will place enough worth in his relationships when his love and loyalty is equally reciprocated.

How do Taurus act when they are hurt?

Taurus are hard to love and might get cold around you if irritated or frustrated with you. They would not be as excited to do fun activities with you as they were previously. They might even regret trusting you and hold themselves guilty for a long time.

The men born under the Taurus Zodiac sign are soft and emotional in the core. They try to hide their sensitivity from the world as they have a tendency of taking things too personally. They can even be too snobbish and conceited if they are convinced that you played them for a fool or used them for your personal gains.

Expect no communication at all in the worst of circumstances with the Taurus man. He won't pay attention to your advances to initiate a conversation or deny physical intimacy. If your Taurus man is not into you anymore, he'll stop being available for you and leave you confused with his passivity.

Taurus men are possessive in love. They don't forget what you say or do. They might just act indifferent for sometime but it's only a tact to calm themselves down before they seek clarifications. They can be too aggressive and ready to fight a battle if you crush their ego or put them down. They are competitive and like to prove their mettle but once they consider you dead, they could be unforgiving, holding grudges for a long time.

How do Taurus deal with breakups?

Taurus men get distant

The Taurus man will refrain from speaking about the hardships in his relationship with people. He would try and maintain a distance in order to keep his cool and not lash out at his partner for failing to meet his expectations. He is a patient man but if he gets pissed off it could be extremely difficult to calm the bull. This is why he might feel the need to settle his anger and then speak about his feelings.

The Taurus man is quiet

The Taurus man is usually silent but when he is irritated, he would not spare his enemies. He is a sophisticated individual who'll approach the struggles of his relationships in a refined manner and this is why he would give himself the time to reassess the situation before he confronts for an explanation. However, if he is hurt beyond repair, he might even give you the dreaded silent treatment.

Taurus men miss their ex

Taurus will pour all their love with immense sincerity and dedication. Protective and territorial belong to the Taurus negative personality traits. They'll hate any competition with regards to their love life. Because of their deep attachment and bond, they'll find it hard to forget their exes and move on. It will take a while for them to accept the decision to part ways and while they prepare themselves, they'll want to stay in touch.

Why does a Taurus man keep coming back after no contact?

Taurus men disappear and reappear. They are very practical people who would take some time to make peace with their emotions. They are logical and smart with a materialistic bent of mind, so they can be quite withdrawn from their emotions.

Once they express their commitment, they would treat their lover as family. So, instantly parting ways is a tough act. They are slow to let go and therefore, they'll suffer in silence and avoid revealing their emotional turmoil.

Taurus men are grounded and dedicated to their loved ones. They may push a lover away when they are hurt because their expectations may surpass what really fructifies in the relationship. The Taurus male is patient and tolerant of uncomfortable conversations but hates the thought of giving up on someone he loved and who had become a part of his life.

He may part ways if he has been holding grudges for too long. But after the anger subsides, he'll want to resolve and get back to his old lover if there are possibilities of patching up again.


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