How to Know if a Taurus Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!

How to Know if a Taurus Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!


A Taurus man will be detached, emotionally unavailable, trying to convince you that you deserve better when he doesn't wish to pursue you. Conversations with a Taurus man will escalate to sexual talks when he is playing you. Are Taurus men players? What does it mean when a Taurus man disappears and is acting distant? How to know if a Taurus man is playing you or using you? If he is not interested in a serious relationship with you and just playing mind games? Does your Taurus guy only want to be friends with benefits?

Here are 10 signs you must notice when a Taurus man isn't ready to commit to you and is leading you on:

1. He is detached and unromantic

A Taurus man in love is the best thing that could happen to you, for he is deeply involved in creating romantic moments and making his partner happy. He is the happiest with a partner as he values the idea of companionship and cherishes its ideals. When your Taurus man seems cold and distant, it might hint at his indifference towards you.

2. You are his booty call

As a sensual person, Taurus men have intense sexual urges. While they can be conservative and capable of restraint, they may also be playful and having sex just for the idea of fun. If he happens to engage sexually with you and isn't interested in doing non-sexual activities, it's a sign your Taurus man is using you for his physical satisfaction.

3. He doesn't talk about future plans

A Taurus guy is usually family-oriented. He wants to settle down when he has found “the one”. He would speak of his dreams with you and share all his plans and goals. If you struggle to fit into his picture of the ideal family life, he isn't convinced that you are his perfect match. So, you are just a temporary stop gap arrangement.

4. He is selfish

Taurus men are generous with their friends and family. They like to be there for those who need them and will fight to the finish if that brings happiness to their dear ones. If your Taurus man only cares about his conveniences, then it's a clear sign he isn't really into you. He is not concerned about you since you are not his priority.

5. He needs favors from you

You are his go-to person when he needs help. He wants to extract all he can from you to make his life. He flatters you just before he needs something. He treats you best only when he has things to gain from you. Once he has exploited you for his comforts, he behaves like a stranger or goes back to his selfish ways. While this is an unlikely Taurus behavior, if you happen to notice this sign, you should run for the hills.

6. He goes no contact and shows up again

He isn't consistent with you. He is love bombing you one day and isn't to be found for the whole week or more. He'll come back with excuses and his words don't match his actions anymore. He plays with your emotions and justifies his ghosting tendencies. This is a sign that the Taurus guy is treating you like an option.

7. He is rude to you

If your Taurus guy is mean and standoffish when you need his support or help, he could be trying to make his intentions clear. He is not there to handle your needs and just desires you for the time he wants his selfish requirements fulfilled. Being rude is a sign that he doesn't really care about you.

8. He doesn't make you feel special

Taurus men spoil their love interests. They are responsible with their partner and make major efforts to give them luxurious experiences and retreats. If he considers you unworthy of his love, he might make you do this for him but act like a miser around you. He doesn't bring you flowers, food, chocolates or even the simplest gifts because he does not want to chase you.

9. He rushes sex with you

This is a dangerous sign that a Taurus man is only hooking up with you with no interest to make you his girlfriend or wife. If he happens to keep it quick and clean and always rushes to go back once he is done having sex, he does not wish to create a bond with you or show you that he is interested beyond physical intimacy.

10. He is dishonest with you

His movements seem fishy. He keeps you a secret and refuses to show the world that you belong to him. He lies through the teeth and gives you hopes that he never keeps. He doesn't call or text you unless he needs you for a quickie. You sense that he is hiding something so this lack of transparency is a sign that he is not in love with you.

How to know if a Taurus man is lying?

Taurus men are not incessant liars. They might lie to save their honor, emotions and to protect their family but unless his life is at stake, or wants to get away with you, he won't give in to mischief or unnecessary lying. When the Taurus man lies, he will act stubborn and try to convince you of the truth with a serious face but he may not look you in the eye and immediately distract himself with work or a random engagement to distract you or discourage you from asking questions or demanding clarity.

Do Taurus guys hide their feelings?

Yes, Taurus men hide their feelings but not foe too long. It's doesn't take him forever to decide if someone is worth his time and efforts. Earth signs like to gauge matters and push to the edge so that the true nature of a person is revealed. They aren't too shy or meek but since a Taurus man takes his relationships seriously he would hide his feelings initially until he wants to take the leap.

What are the signs that a Taurus man is testing you?

The ideal woman of a Taurus man is passionate, kind, caring and generous. He needs to ensure that the person he trusts his heart with is real and honest to him. So, he might observe her in social settings and check if her eyes wander. He would also stay patient and understand if she is impulsive and quick to react. When a Taurus man is testing you, he will take things slow. He puts you in an observation mode without promising much unless he is absolutely sure about you.


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